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Stand-Up Paddling at Night

stand-up paddleboarding
Photo by Hooked On SUP

From a distance, with our pink, orange, and green lights bobbing on the water, we might have looked like visitors from outer space, or perhaps a floating disco.

Our leader was Paige Bakhaus, a certified stand-up paddleboard instructor and owner of Hooked on SUP in Englewood. We’d been transported by boat from her shop at the Cape Haze Marina to a drop-off point near the park, our plain-looking boards stacked in two piles.

stand-up paddleboard
Photo: Hooked on SUP

Once we were on the water and Bakhaus flipped on our switches, our boards glowed like neon artwork. With soft lighting underneath us, we had a new perspective — and the ability to see sea creatures in their natural habitats.

I should clarify that most of us were standing up. As someone new to the SUP world and not yet agile on the board, Bakhaus had assured me I could do this trip kneeling and sometimes even sitting, because the bulk of the tour (and the highlight) was traversing through a winding mangrove tunnel, where it would be impossible to stand. Indeed, this factor makes the tour available to anyone who can swim (just in case) and is comfortable paddling a board.

By Diane Daniel, VisitFlorida.comSouthFloridaReporter.com, April 29, 2016