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Spring Sandals – Rules to Follow in Florida and Beyond

It’s around March when a lot of the fashion items we’ve stored away for months get to come out. This includes items like maxi dresses, short skirts, and light jackets. However, for most of us, being able to bring out our sandal collection is one of the thrills of the change of seasons.

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Since no one seems to have a definitive rule to go by, we will discuss some basic rules to follow. We feel these rules are practical and they can help you figure out when the right time to wear sandals is.

  1. The ‘No-Goosebumps Rule’

This is one of our favorites to live by. If the temperature is warm enough to go outside comfortably with shorts, it is warm enough to bust out your favorite pair of sandals. The keyword to follow is ‘comfortably.’ For some, this might be as cold as 60-degrees. For others, it might be upwards of 80-degrees. While this is fairly subjective, it is a good rule of thumb to adhere to when you are looking to wear sandals in the appropriate weather.

  1. You Can Adjust The Rule For Formal Events

If you are planning on attending a Spring wedding, or something like a charity event, you might be required to pair your fancy dress with open-toed sandals. Because of this, you can break the rules for these events. After all, it’s not like you will be forced to stay outside for long periods of time if you are going to an event like this.

  1. Add Tights

If you are looking to break the rule and wear sandals in colder temperatures, you should consider adding tights. You will want to take a few cues from famous style influencers like Kate Foley and pair your sandals with tights or cute socks to keep yourself warm.

  1. Never When It’s Raining Or Snowing

This is a good rule to live by. If it is going to have any chance of raining or snowing, leave your sandals at home! Even if you are in the middle of Spring, if the weather has any chance of dropping to a temperature that is calling for snow, you want to swap your sandals for boots. Likewise, if it’s going to rain, it’s better to call off your sandals.

  1. Don’t Wear Flip-Flops Until It’s Extremely Hot

If you are dead set on wearing your flip flops as early as possible, you can bust them out on Memorial Day. However, anything prior, you want to keep your flip-flops in the closet until the temperatures spike to 80-degrees minimum.