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South Florida Celebrates Veterans – In Honor And In Action

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Florida is a prime destination for veterans looking for a fulfilling life after service, and in South Florida, much is done to show appreciation for their sacrifices. West Park recently saw the celebration for a resident WW2 centenarian, one of the few left alive who had served during WW2. Indeed, the state community and even legislature are doing a lot to honor veterans, but in practical terms, too, starting with their housing.

Homes for heroes

Veterans have access to excellent house finance through the VA loans system, which allows them a reduced downpayment on a home in addition to a state-guaranteed mortgage.

Unfortunately, a warm home isn’t always there for veterans, yet, South Florida has done work to ensure that every veteran has somewhere to rest. Homeless veteran schemes are active throughout the state, but even the community helps out on a case-by-case basis. 7 News Miami highlighted the work of students in Pompano Beach who helped one veteran rebuild his home after it was destroyed by fire.

Appreciating their value

Homes and jobs are of material value, but so are events designed to inspire and give recreational joy to veterans. CBS 4 Miami reported on an event in September which saw over 70 veterans welcomed home to South Florida during an ‘honor flight’ event, in which memorials across the state were visited in honor of the veteran community from wars past. These events show the reverence that the Florida community has for its veterans of all ages, and serve as an event to bring the community together

Strengthening support

Of course, the hard work of the community is something to back up wider support – not something to define it. Good work is being done at the state legislature level.

In mid-June, the state administration signed three bills into law that would support veterans by providing workforce training and creating incentives for employers to hire veterans wherever possible. This, hopefully, should carve out the long-term change needed to properly support these heroes.

Veterans are a reminder of the freedoms Americans enjoy every day. They have fought in wars to preserve those freedoms and ensure that the country is safe. Paying a little back, both materially and in terms of recognition is the least the community can do, but it also serves as a reason for the community to come together.