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The Skinny On Trump’s ‘Skinny Budget’ (Video)

budget proposal

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget is out and the media are abuzz with deciphering what’s in and what’s out.  This “skinny budget,’ as it’s called, is a wish list by the president. It increases military spending while cutting many domestic programs to pay for the increases.

The budget proposals will be formally delivered to Congress later today. You can read the 62 page proposed budget HEREthanks to the New York Times.

Here’s the first look in graphic mode (click to enlarge), followed by some of the morning headlines:

budget proposal

Washington PostIn Trump’s blueprint to reorder the federal government, echoes of Reagan ’81

President Trump’s governing blueprint represents the most ambitious effort to cut domestic spending and pare back the federal government since former president Ronald Reagan came to Washington in 1981. Whether it will come close to accomplishing the president’s ambitions is a far different question.

BloombergTrump Proposes Historic Cuts Across Government to Fund Defense

President Donald Trump is proposing historically deep budget cuts that would touch almost every federal agency and program and dramatically reorder government priorities to boost defense and security spending.

BreitbartTrump delivers budget boosting military, cutting EPA, State Dept.

President Donald Trump on Thursday released a proposed budget that could cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent and the State Department by 29 percent while boosting military funds.

Stacks of the blueprint — titled “America First” — were delivered to the Government Printing Office bookstore and a 62-page document was posted on the White House website early Thursday.

New York TimesDonald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A. and State Department

President Trump’s budget blueprint for the coming fiscal year would slash the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent and cut State Department spending by a similar amount in a brash upending of the government’s priorities, according to congressional staff members familiar with the plan.

ReutersMilitary wins in first Trump budget; environment, aid lose big

President Donald Trump will ask the U.S. Congress for dramatic cuts to many federal programs as he seeks to bulk up defense spending, start building a wall on the border with Mexico and spend more money deporting illegal immigrants.

In a federal budget proposal with many losers, the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department stand out as targets for the biggest spending reductions. Funding would disappear altogether for 19 independent bodies that count on federal money for public broadcasting, the arts and regional issues from Alaska to Appalachia.


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