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Rate My Contractor – New Company In Florida Offers Free Contractor Ratings

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After 10 years in the construction industry, Sean Ruel recently created his own company called Rate My Contractor where he connects both homeowners and contractors so they can each find the clients or experts they need.

According to Ruel,” I started RateMyContractor.com to give me a way to work hard at my own pace and put food on other people’s tables. It makes me happy to employ people knowing that I provide them with a career and empower everyone through principle-centered leadership to pursue their dreams. My vision for the company is to be the next big thing with loan and escrow services available to contractors and homeowners. We will differentiate ourselves from the competition and build our own market share.”

Rate my contractor is currently free to use and you can sign up to find either the best contractors in your area or to get connected with clients searching for your services.

They are now offering their resources in Florida and will be looking to expand in the near future to the rest of the states. Contractors are encouraged to have past clients rate their services on the website so they can start building up a reputation.

Clients, on the other hand, are requested to give honest, unbiased reviews of each service based on their experience. This way other clients will be able to see which contractors offer the best work within their specified field.

Rate My Contractor is also offering to do a background check on contractors for a small fee. This is something optional for contractors to apply for so they can show that they possess the correct licenses, certifications, experience, etc for the required projects.