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Pumpkin Fudge – 5 Ingredients 5 Mins [Video Recipe]

This Pumpkin Fudge is a perfect treat for the upcoming fall season. With Halloween fast approaching, this fudge is one of my favorite desserts on the table. My other favorite fall treats are Instant Pot Pumpkin CheesecakePumpkin Pound Cake and Halloween Pumpkin Oreo Cake.

Easy pumpkin fudge recipe

Pumpkin Fudge is the best way to dive into the pumpkin season. I am in no way rushing summer, I just couldn’t resist and had to share this recipe with you! I kept test tasting Pumpkin Fudge recipes for about two weeks and when I finally tweaked the recipe to my liking and gained probably 4 pounds!

While testing all the other recipes, I just thought it won’t be fair to keep this gem hidden until fall fully hits. You will find this fudge to be super creamy, soft and delicious, with a little crunchiness from the mixed in walnuts. It is a great dessert and a delicious treat to make during the holiday season. It is super easy to prepare, and would be a hit on your Haloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas tables! So, give it a try, and you will run back for more!

Many fudge recipes have a very long list of ingredients and lots of steps, and I know many people are not that comfortable with kitchen thermometers and hot, bubbly candy. The mission was to create a super simple, creamy, delicious and easy to make Pumpkin Fudge. I must say that this is a winner, ready in 5 minutes, minus the refrigeration time. The recipe requires only a few ingredients and your ability to operate a microwave.

Tips and tricks to make the perfect pumpkin fudge:

  • Use quality white chocolate, that is the main ingredient so you want it to be the best in order to get the best taste and texture. I really like using white chocolate melts/wafers (link before the recipe).
  • Also, white chocolate is very pretentious, so be extra, extra careful when melting it. Usually, I do 20 seconds intervals in the microwave and lots of stirring to make sure I am not overheating it. In addition, if you overheat the white chocolate it will clump and separate and it will become unusable, unfortunately.
  • You can skip the food coloring all together if you are not making the fudge for a festive occasion. At the same time, you can intensify to your preference.
  • Use gel food coloring, it is the best in this recipe as the liquid food coloring may make the white chocolate separate.
  • Mix-ins are optional, but here are my favorite ones: Toasted Pecans, Raisins, Cranberries, and Walnuts.
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