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Practical Tips to Save Money on Furniture

Furniture is an important part of any home. Whether it’s some milk crates and a piece of plywood, or a premium set of solid wood furniture online, the furniture you own really helps set the mood of a room. It also turns a house into a home, since empty rooms aren’t very inviting.

Unfortunately, quality furniture can get expensive. Either moving into a new home or refurbishing an old one, trying to keep furniture costs down is an admirable goal. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get sturdy, quality furniture at lower prices.

This is the most obvious answer to save money on furniture, but it’s not as easy as it at first seems. The trick when buying used furniture is to know where to buy it so that you get the best value for quality pieces. Knowing where to go ensures you find quality furniture like discounted Amish furniture.

Facebook Marketplace

For those with a Facebook account, Facebook Marketplace allows anyone with the account to find pretty much anything, including furniture. Since photos are required, you get a good idea of the furniture’s quality. Plus, you can always ask. You might not be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but the marketplace is big, so you never know what you might find or at what price people will want. Just be prepared to pick it up yourself.

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Garage, Yard and Estate Sales

Though not nearly as reliable as online or physical stores, there’s no denying bargains can be found at such locations for those willing to look. Estate sales especially can be a treasure trove for quality pieces. Since you get to look at the furniture in person, you get a good idea of its condition, giving you a chance to examine it before you commit to a purchase.

Thrift Shops

Stores that sell used stuff are a great place to find furniture. Since it’s big and can be heavy or bulky, it’s not uncommon for people to donate furniture if they’re moving or trying to de-clutter. This means you can find great pieces at good prices. The downside is that the furniture tends to be older, so you’re not as likely to find modern styles. Whole furniture sets are pretty rare, too, as people tend to donate odd and end pieces like coffee tables, children’s beds, old dressers, and extra chairs. Still, for random pieces or something with an older look, thrift shops are a great place to consider.

Buy Wholesale

Areas with large furniture production are sometimes willing to sell directly to people. This means you can avoid the markup costs of purchasing retail, and you have a pretty good chance of finding something you want. it’s important to move quickly, though, since wholesalers tend to have high turnover of their products. Sitting stock doesn’t generate profits, after all.

Overstock and Discount Outlets

Similar to buying wholesale, some furniture stores specialize in buying bulk quantities or overstock to sell at a reduced price. These places are great for finding more modern pieces or sets. You can also ask regular stores if they ever offer sales on overstock to empty out the warehouses. The pieces might not be as new, but you’ll definitely save some money.

There are plenty of options for discounted furniture. The trick is to know where to look and to not be too picky. Whether looking for Mission furniture, old sofas, or dining room sets, there are plenty of options for finding pieces that suit your needs. They may not be exactly what you want, but you never know unless you look.