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Pizza And Ice Cream Are Now One! Wait, What? (Video)

Pineterest.com Courtesy of Little Baby's Ice Cream

Normally, ice cream shops specialize in sweet flavors that cool off your tastebuds after having a hot slice of pizza on a summer day. While many of these shops can bring you interesting and unexpected flavors, it’s pretty rare that you find yourself basically eating a second dinner while getting dessert.

At Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia, this is not the case.

The offbeat ice cream parlor’s latest and greatest invention is pizza flavored ice cream, made with tomato, oregano, salt, basil and garlic. It sounds interesting, to say the least, but we’re not sure how it pairs with a waffle cone.

Travel & Leisure , excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, June 21, 2017

Video by Buzz60


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