Is Palm Beach’s Henry Kravis Our Next Treasury Secretary?

Henry Kravis
Could Henry Kravis be our new Treasury Secretary? (via

Palm Beach could become an even bigger center of national power if part-timer President-elect Donald Trump chooses local billionaire Henry Kravis to be Treasury secretary.

And it just might happen.

We’re told Trump reached out to billionaire Kravis before the election and he publicly mentioned him as a possible Treasury secretary.

At the time 72-year-old Kravis said, “I’m honored to be mentioned, I love my job and can’t imagine leaving it.”

Kravis’ name hasn’t come up since, but sources say Kravis, whose family built the Kravis Center, wants the job.

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The corporate raider who’s worth $4.6 billion is currently the head of KKR & Co., a private equity firm. He was a pioneer of leveraged buyouts, which allowed companies to buy firms with very little money down.

He was Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko before they made the movie Wall Street. 

In fact, the book Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco was written about his takeover bid that nearly ran the company into the ground.

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