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New Study Suggests Your Career May Benefit From Eating Breakfast Every Day (Video)


If you’re an avowed non-breakfast-eater, you might want to reconsider that stance.

A new study suggests that your career may benefit from starting the day off with the proper nutrition as much as your energy levels.

The survey of 2,000 Americans — 1,000 breakfast eaters, and 1,000 who don’t eat breakfast — revealed that those who eat breakfast were more likely to be promoted at work.

Sixty-five percent of these respondents reported that they have moved up in a position over the course of their career, compared to only 38% of respondents who didn’t eat breakfast.

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But wanting to advance your career isn’t the only reason to reconsider making your first meal of the day a morning one.

Your love life might benefit, too, as the survey revealed that breakfast eaters are more likely to be married, as 60% of those who eat breakfast reported they’ve tied the knot as opposed to just 41% of those who skip the so-called “most important meal of the day.”

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Dave’s Killer Bread®, the survey also looked at the differences in other measures of happiness, life satisfaction and health between those who do and don’t “break the fast.”

On a scale of 1-10, breakfast eaters reported slightly higher overall life satisfaction than their non-eating counterparts – giving their life an average rating of six – while people who didn’t eat breakfast gave their lives an average rating of five.

Breakfast eaters also seem more likely to look on the bright side.

Seven in 10 breakfast eaters reported being optimistic about what the future holds, while only 57% of non-breakfast eaters said the same.

Additionally, while a full 84% of breakfast-eaters reported being somewhat or very satisfied with their relationships with others in their lives, only 67% of those who don’t regularly eat breakfast replied this way.

“Ensuring that you’re properly fueled from the beginning of your day onward can clearly have a ripple effect throughout our lives,” said Cristina Watson, Brand Manager for Dave’s Killer Bread®.

“Something as simple as a slice of whole grain toast can be a total day maker, keeping your energy up and, as the survey results also suggested, even potentially help you to be more optimistic.”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, breakfast eaters were more likely to rate themselves as morning people, with 57 percent identifying this way (compared to only 35% of non-breakfast-eaters).

The results also suggest that breakfast might better prepare you to face the unknown – or at least help you to feel more prepared.

Breakfast eaters were also more likely to agree that they were confident in embracing change in their lives.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of breakfast eaters said this, while only 61% of non-breakfast eaters felt the same way.

Breakfast could also be playing a role in energy level not just at the beginning of the day, but throughout it, as 69% of breakfast eaters rated their overall energy level on a day to day basis as “somewhat” or “very” energetic.

Only about half (49%) of non-breakfast-eaters said the same.

“While it’s clear that eating breakfast in any form can make a significant impact on your overall outlook, health and other areas of your life, a great way to maximize the effect is by picking a nutrient-packed breakfast,” added Watson.

“Choosing organic breakfast options that include whole grains and protein doesn’t mean giving up flavor. Instead, grabbing a high-quality option with a blend of seeds and grains adds taste and texture, and is a great way to start every day off on the right note.”

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