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New Netflix Documentary Is The Cat’s Meow, Literally (Video)


“Catwalk:Tales From The Cat Show Circuit” is now streaming and let’s just say the documentary gets a little hairy. Buzz60’s Holly Morgan has the details.

What makes Best In Show such a good movie is its lack of irony. Yes, as an audience, we watch the mockumentary with the understanding that this is supposed to be funny, but every single character means it. And you’re left both having watched a hilarious movie, but also with a slight unease. What is so ridiculous, really, about making a calendar of your beloved dogs dressed as famous movie stars, or an album about terriers? Would my life be better if I stopped making fun of people’s eccentric passions and got one of my own?

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit, currently on Netflix, is as close to a real life Best In Show as you can get. Trading dogs for cats, it follows a few breeders, judges, and cat owners as they traverse the Canadian cat show circuit. I’m not sure if my life would be better if I traded in my free time to devote myself to grooming and showing my cat, but what Catwalk does best is engage people about their passions with no judgment.

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