Nasty Malware Steals Banking Passwords And 2FA Codes

Phone-exclusive malware might sound far fetched, but as any Android user can tell you, it’s very real. Most people use their phones more than their computers nowadays, which makes them a perfect target for malicious apps that steal personal data and spy on their victims.

Most of the time, these malicious apps are found on sketchy off-brand app stores where anyone can upload and share their files. Others manage to sneak through the Google Play Store’s lackluster moderation until cybersecurity researchers point them out.

But now, a new kind of Android-focused malware is emerging that puts previous ones to shame. This highly specialized software is built to target banking apps and cryptocurrency wallets by stealing passwords and two-factor authentication codes. Here’s what we know about this new threat, and how it might be spreading in the future.

EventBot: A digital disaster in the making

Unlike a good deal of malware floating around on the web, EventBot has a highly professional sheen to it. According to the security researchers at Cybereason who discovered the malware, the developer appears to have spent a good deal of time and effort on it. Not only is the program unusually sophisticated, but its effects are also devastating to victims.

Kim Komando, excerpt posted on, May 5, 2020


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