“Mystery Man” Running For Broward Sheriff: I’m Only True Democrat

By RedBroward.com, Special to SouthFloridaReporter.com, June 24, 2015 – In his first message to voters, Edison Jules, the “Mystery Man” running against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, claims to be the only “true Democrat” in the race. Follwing a month of stories revealing his controversial law enforcement career in Ohio, Jules launched a website and Facebook page promoting his controversial bid for the 2016 Democrat nomination for Broward Sheriff. Jules highlights his Haitian heritage, political skills and police work as reasons Broward voters should support him.


In the “About Eddie” section of his website, Jules writes his “life has been a tale of the American Dream.” Jules claims his election would send a “powerful message to our immigrant community, who currently lacks representation in government.” He boasts his election would make history.

As a resident of Ohio and New York, it is no surprise Jules proclaims to be an “outsider.” He believes this would make him the ideal Sheriff. Jules writes, “his experience lies on the streets, making him closer to the people.” Jules says he would support “true democratic beliefs and values everyday, not just during an election cycle.”

Even more laughable is Jules’ boasting of his business skills.

The website claims, “Unlike any of his competitors, [Jules]  knows how to manage multi-million dollar budgets, administer companies, and create jobs. This experience will allow the Sheriff’s office to be managed in a more efficient manner, safeguarding taxpayer dollars, and giving our residence the ‘most safety for their buck.’”

Last month, REDBROWARD exposed Jules’ business partnership with a Broward man arrested for Medicare fraud.  On February 18, 2015, Obinson Louis (a.k.a Louis Obinson) was charged with two counts of grand theft in the third degree and six counts of operating a medical clinic without a license. Louis surrendered on February 25th and plead “not guilty” to all eight charges. State of Floridarecords show Obinson Louis and Edison Jules founded United Health Medical Center Inc. in October 2014. Louis was listed as the president of the Lauderhill medical clinic, while Jules was named the company’s vice president. A month after Louis’ arrest, the State received a document removing Louis and Jules as officers of the clinic. A Broward chiropractor was listed as the new president of the clinic.


In his “Message To The Public,” Jules spews the usual political talking points: make streets safer, put predators in jail, etc. Jules says we wants to know everybody personally. Please enjoy his complete “message.”

“Hello, my name is Edison Jules and I am running for Sheriff of Broward County. For those of you whom are not familiar with me, I am a veteran, community oriented Police Officer. I’m also the CEO of Jules Productions LLC, former Vice President of the Haitian Coalition of Columbus, and a proud member of the Fraternal Order of Police. The question that voters are asking me, and rightfully so, is why should I elect you as Sheriff? Let me first say, I have always wanted to be a lawman. Several years ago I made that dream come true. Since then, I have found joy in my work but I always felt that there was more I could do. I truly believe I can change the world and I handle every call for action with this in mind. Many of you have heard about community policing. While every Law Enforcement agency strives to achieve it, it is difficult to do so in large agencies because of the resistance and skepticism received. If you elect me as your sheriff, my first goal will be to create a sense of a closer, tight-knit community style of policing and spread it throughout Broward County. I want to personally know you all, and I want each and every one of you to know your local Deputy. I truly believe a Deputy should be patrolling every single neighborhood in this county, from Deerfield Beach to Weston and all the cities in between. I want to put more Deputies on these streets, so your children can go outside to play, without you worrying about the constant threat of predators. You should be able to roam the streets without the threat of criminals lurking around each corner. Having Deputies on the streets will give communities peace of mind. I also want to add support personnel to assist these Deputies with lower priority calls so the Deputies can deal with calls that are higher priority. 

I have always taken my position with the up most pride and honor, knowing that I can make a difference, that I have already made a difference. I take pride in the fact that I started my career in a smaller community because the attitude and the approach that I learned, and continue to bring with me to my job every day, is that these are our neighborhoods and every crime, no matter how small or big, is unacceptable. Knowing the individuals in your community, knowing their habits, their kids, their concerns, that is my kind of community policing.

I am also active in the community, and I believe that a modern day Law Enforcement agency such as the Sheriffs Office has to be involved as well. If I am elected Sheriff, I promise to have my Deputies involved, whether its hosting a parade, fish fry, or a neighborhood block party, they will be there. I plan to have Deputies actively participating with all of our communities, including the Hispanic, Haitian, Muslim, Asian, and African American communities. I believe some of these communities have been mistrusting of Law Enforcement for too long and I hope to change that. Law Enforcement officials should be involved in their communities. Otherwise, the community will not trust the officers who are trying to help them. Deputies and officers should be trusted, respected role models, not merely advisories.

I’m Eddie Jules and with your support, I would love to be your Sheriff.”