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Moving to Florida During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives in recent months. With a pandemic comes much more fear about normal things than usual. Those fears might be relatively minor, or they could be related to major financial disaster.

If you are moving to Florida during coronavirus, then there is a lot more to think about than there would be during normal times. Here’s what you need to know and consider if you are making a move to Florida in the coming months. 

Essential Services

Of course, your move is most likely essential to you, whether it be for work, family, school, or any other reason. However, is it essential in terms of coronavirus restrictions? Luckily, hiring a moving company should be no problem, since moving companies are considered an essential service.

So if you have a tight timeframe or a set date that you have to move, you won’t be disrupted by moving companies shutting down. Florida is also one of the leading states when it comes to reopening the economy, so you shouldn’t have any issue with other products and services that you might need for your move.

If you are in a vulnerable group, such as a senior or someone with a health issue that increases the danger of Covid-19, then you may want to delay your move if possible until it is safer. 

Safe Moving

While the economy in Florida is re-opening, that does not mean that the virus has disappeared and is no longer a threat. It’s important that you take every precaution to keep yourself safe when you arrive in Florida to your new home. This includes working with a moving company that takes health and safety seriously.

Ask prospective movers what processes and procedures they have in place to prevent infection to their staff and to their clients. They should be sanitizing equipment regularly, using PPE, and following all safe handwashing guidelines. Not only that, but the vehicle should be sanitized regularly. Movers should be wearing gloves and masks as well. Instead of an in-person consultation to determine your moving needs, moving companies are offering virtual interviews to provide estimates and information. 

Storage Services

There are plenty of storage companies in Florida if you need somewhere to keep your property that you do not have room for at your new home. However, if you do rent a storage unit there are some things to consider. For instance, many storage companies around the state, while still running, have decreased their business hours and even the hours during which the units are accessible.

There may also be restrictions for how many people can access storage at a certain time, and that everyone entering the facility stays at least 6 feet apart. This may change as things start to open up again, and protocols differ between companies. The storage facility you choose should be sanitizing access pads, door handles, and other contact points to make sure that their clients are as safe as possible while accessing their storage units. 

General Tips

As you prepare for your move, and during the process, there are some things that you can do to minimize your risk and the risk to the movers who are working for you. For one, you can make sure that everything is packed at least 24 hours ahead of the arrival of the movers. This is so that there is time for the boxes to be free of any potential virus contamination before the movers handle them.

Also, tell your movers if you are or someone in your family has symptoms or has tested positive for the virus. That way, they can be extra cautious, and they may even have enhanced safety protocols for such a situation. You can also make sure that your old and new homes are well-stocked with hygiene and cleaning supplies for the movers so that it is easy for them to keep safe. This protects you as well. 

If you are planning on moving to Florida during the pandemic, be aware of the risks, and communicate with your moving company, you can make sure to move safely and successfully.