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Mental Health and Why It’s Just as Important as Your Physical Health

While many of us are told to exercise and eat healthy to take care of our physical health, talking about self-care is often forgotten. The fact is, physical health and mental health go hand in hand, so it’s vital we share the importance of both.

Mental health affects your physical health

Depending on your condition, poor mental health has many side effects and symptoms, which ultimately affect our physical health. When we become depressed, we can gain weight, lose sleep, and forget to maintain our personal hygiene. Some individuals even oversleep, which can cause our bodies to have metabolic problems.

When an individual suffers from anxiety, they might choose to stay indoors, which lowers their vitamin D levels, causing fatigue and tiredness. Other physical symptoms from mental health conditions include loss of sex drive, muscular pain, and hair loss. To help prepare for the future, everyone should consider investing in health insurance, like this Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan f.

It affects your loved ones

When we suffer from a mental illness, our reactions and decisions can be impaired, which can cause strain on our family and loved ones. Due to changes in attitude, we may start to feel socially withdrawn from groups and not wish to interact with those around us.

It makes our decisions for us

Our mental health is what makes our daily decisions for us. For example, it tells us when to get out of bed, and helps us get motivated to attend a party for a friend. However, if you have a mental condition, you might decide to call in sick to work and skip the party altogether. This then causes financial strain and loss of friendships, without us realizing the impact of our decisions.

When left untreated, there are many dangers

While there are dangers of leaving a physical condition untreated, the risks of leaving a mental disorder untreated can be much worse. Without proper medication, individuals that suffer from severe conditions that alter their reality can hurt themselves and others around them. This is why it is so essential to stop mental health shaming, so individuals can get the help they need.

It allows us to learn more about our bodies

Today, there are currently over 200 different types of mental health conditions, and we still don’t know everything possible about them. When more people come forward and become aware of their symptoms, we can learn more about them and how we provide further help. For example, scientists have been able to link some foods to depression and found some other foods that can improve mental health.

Our bodies are essential to us in many ways. We only get one, so we must take care of it, both mentally and physically. If you or someone you know is currently suffering from a mental health disorder, please remember to seek out support, and speak to a doctor about what to do next.