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Magic City Casino Files Trademark Lawsuit Against The Magic City Innovation District


In a news release, West Flagler Associates, the company which owns Magic City Casino, announced they had filed a Federal lawsuit against MCD Miami LLC, the development group behind the Magic City Innovation District, on June 11 for trademark infringement, false designation of origin and unfair competition, and seeks an injunction against MCD Miami’s infringing use of West Flagler Associates’ longstanding and recognized trademarks.

Under the umbrella of the Magic City brand is a family of trademarks containing the identifier MAGIC CITY and the following variations: MAGIC CITY, MAGIC CITY CASINO, MAGIC CITY JAI-ALAI, MAGIC CITY RACING, MAGIC CITY HUSTLE and PUT A LITTLE MAGIC IN YOUR NIGHT.

The lawsuit states that MCD Miami’s use and promotion of the name Magic City has created confusion in the marketplace, misleads the public with respect to West
Flagler Associates’ trademarks, and unlawfully implies an affiliation with West Flagler’s established Magic City brand.

MCD Miami’s Magic City Innovation District is a private Little Haiti development project, in which four companies participate: Dragon Global, Plaza Equity Partners, Metro 1 and Lune Rouge. The development has faced harsh criticism from members of the press and the community who are concerned that the massive luxury residential and mixed-use
project will destroy the character of the already rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.
In multiple instances, members of the public have confused Magic City Casino with MCD Miami’s brand and reputation.

The complaint filed by West Flagler Associates states that the name, mark and reputation of the Magic City brand have been harmed by causing members of the public to assume a connection between the controversial MCD Miami real estate development (and its participants) and West Flagler Associates’ trademarks and branded names.

The law firm of Lott & Fischer is providing legal representation to West Flagler Associates in this matter.

“Over the past decade, we have worked tirelessly to promote the Magic City brand as one of South Florida’s strongest and most robust sources of high-quality entertainment. We take the intentional violation and willful adoption of our trademark seriously and are deeply troubled by MCD Miami’s infringing actions,” said Scott Savin, Chief Operating Officer of Magic City Casino.

Magic City Casino, founded in 2009, is one of the foremost examples of the Magic City brand. It was the first casino in Miami to offer Las Vegas-style slot machines and currently features 800 slot machines, a 25-table Poker Room, an outdoor concert amphitheater, a multi-purpose indoor venue, seasonal live-action jai-alai and multiple food and beverage outlets.

In addition, Magic City Casino is an active community partner. The owners of West Flagler Associates and stewards of the Magic City brand, the Havenick family has a long history of philanthropic efforts throughout South Florida. The family has contributed consistently to community organizations including the University of Miami, the Miami Police Athletic League, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami and Best Buddies, among others.

About Magic City Casino
Magic City Casino features 800 Las Vegas-style slot machines, 25-table Poker Room, outdoor concert amphitheater, multi-purpose indoor venue, seasonal live action jai-alai and multiple food and beverage outlets, among other state-of-the-art amenities. The casino is located at 450 NW 37 Avenue in Miami and offers free parking and valet service. For more information, visit www.magiccitycasino.com.