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Love To Place A Bet? Here Are The Events You Should Never Miss


Horse racing has proven to be a magnificent sports betting platform for bettors who want to win big or rookies trying to wet their hands for the first time. Some would say there’s an advantage to betting on horse races; the sport has been around for up to 20 centuries! So, it’s easy to study the history, trends, and mathematics of each race.

Love to place a bet? Here are the events you should never miss.

  • The Grand National

There’s no better place to start than the Grand National in Britain. It was established in 1839, nowhere near the Royal Ascot or Epsom in age. However, it’s still an important part of Great Britain’s rich history when it comes to horse racing. The Grand National is one of the most popular events on betting sites, a lot of fierce bettors send in their predictions and hope to win big, or at least get good deals when using tips of the horse racing.

Some people admit that when they want to get more mouth-watering deals, the Grand National is their pick for some simple reasons. The Grand National actually offers attractive bonus deals that offer bet refunds or insurance deals if the horse a bettor selected either falls during the race and ends up as a non-runner.

  • The Dubai World Cup

Among many other things the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid has done for Dubai, it’s creating an incredibly glamorous and intriguing Dubai World Cup that attracts millions from around the world. It’s safe to say that their event days are one of the most anticipated and well-attended events in the year.

Spectators, bettors, and sponsors flock in from all around the world to watch their magnificent horses race for the grand prize. With Dubai boasting of one of the most expensive horse races globally (the prize fund is $10 million), there’s no surprise on the massive betting inputs every year.

  • The Cheltenham Festival, United Kingdom

The Cheltenham Festival is another very famous horse racing event that takes Britain by storm. It’s also one of the most attended events, with famous horses from Britain and Ireland hoping to cross the finish line first. With a racecourse that welcomes only the best of the best, it may be challenging figuring out which horse will take the win. However, that’s probably what makes it more intriguing.

  • The Kentucky Derby, USA

When it comes to horse races in the United States, the Kentucky Derby is that event that takes the cake. It’s a glamorous affair that attracts celebrities and many other famous faces, all donning fabulous attires that make the event even more colorful.

With up to $2 million up for grabs, the grand prize attracts jockeys and horses from around the country. But it’s the lineup of events and attractive betting opportunities that makes the Kentucky Derby one of the most famous sports events in the country.

  • The Nakayama Grand Jump, Japan

Japan is another country fans of horse races look at when searching for the best. And every February, Japan welcomes many to Funabashi, Chiba for a great sporting event that features some of the most expensive and well-trained horses. The three-mile race has become a massive event even though it just started in 2008.

That hasn’t stopped the on-site and online betting from going over the roof! For bettors who wouldn’t mind journeying to the beautiful city to watch the races firsthand, the exceptional architecture and glamorous sites are equally an advantage.