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Looking For Fun Ways to Get Some Exercise? Here’s How!


Isn’t it frustrating that you want to be healthy and fit yet you abhor the idea of the gym and regular exercise with the same repetitive movements that seem boring to you? To be healthy and fit, you do not always have to join a gym or plan a thirty-minute calculated workout, unless you are trying to build a specific body type or muscle group. 

Exercise can be fun — really fun — especially if we learn some things from the kids around us. They get plenty of exercise throughout the day. But, how? Well, by just playing their hearts out! Let’s discover how to make exercise fun as an adult. 


If you love dancing, this one is easy for you. Take time out of your routines to join a dance class or you can just have a dance party. Dancing is a combination of aerobics and body-weight exercises. It will not only release that dopamine in your brain but also help your heart, lungs, and muscles in staying active, healthy, and young. If you do not enjoy dancing there is no need to force it, you can find something more to your liking. 


If you enjoy swimming, you can make a habit of it. Swimming is an excellent way of pushing your body to the limits and discovering the amazing sense of relief that follows it. Swimming burns a bundle of calories and helps your body in staying fit and in shape. Swimming keeps your heart rate up and builds the endurance of muscles by acting against the resistance of water. 

Walking Meetings

If you are a person with a lot of table work or your job description includes attending a lot of meetings like a hiring manager. You can mix things up by being creative with your work. Instead of having boring meetings across a table, invite the person to a park or a track for a walking meeting. Steve Jobs was well-known for that. You can not only get your work done but also enjoy the fresh air and a walk that will get your heart going and keep you healthy. If you make this your routine 3-4 times a week, it is as good as hitting the gym for keeping the body mobile. 

Dog Walking

If you are a person who owns a dog then instead of hiring dog walkers for your pet, do the work yourself. Taking your dog out every day, early in the morning or at night, will be the perfect way to not only bond with your dog but also enjoy personal health benefits. You can walk around the block or take your dog to the pet park which is a great place for playing with your dog instead of just walking it. You will find the effects of this everyday activity soon enough. 

Ditch Elevators

Elevators are convenient. Walking up and down the stairs is a very effective way of keeping the body moving. If you work in a building use stairs whenever you can. It is a low-impact exercise that has proven health benefits. 

Go Out in the Nature

If you are a nature and adventure lover, you can opt for hiking, trekking, and kayaking as your hobbies. Going out into nature by walking up a hiking trail will make the view more mesmerizing. Hiking engages your core and the leg muscles. Kayaking is another way of exploring the lakes. Paddling engages the core and works the arm and chest muscles. The adventurous activities will not only satisfy your love for nature but also make your body healthy. So what are you waiting for?


If you are a support enthusiast, might as well start playing it. Sports are one of the best ways to keep the body active and healthy. You can play tennis, badminton, football, squash, etc. You can get a membership in a club and expand your social circle to include those who play. In this way, you will stay motivated and connected. You can also play in public parks with your family and friends. Sports help in getting the heart rate up which strengthens the cardiovascular system. 

Ride a Bicycle

Bicycling is a very good activity for your body. In gyms, bicycle equipment is present due to its amazing benefits. But instead of driving a car to the gym for riding a bicycle, get a real one. Every morning or at night, ride it around your block. You can also keep it as a ride for doing errands and chores like going to the grocery store or walking the dog. It is a good way of balancing your daily life requirements and getting some exercise along the way. 

Group Fitness

If you are all about working out and going to the gym, and the only turn-off is the boring routine and repetitive actions, you should try finding yourself a fitness group or a partner. It is excellent for motivation and also gives you a circle that has the same goals as you. Working out alone sometimes makes you feel alienated. Your partner will keep you in the loop. You will not only be able to do your exercises but also find fun doing them. There is a power in doing things together that is underestimated often. 

House Cleaning

It works perfectly for those of us who are cleanliness gods. But most people do not like cleaning, laundry, and house chores. Instead of spending the whole day in bed watching Netflix, if you get up for half an hour and work around the house, dusting and picking up things, your body will get some action. It is better than slacking and snacking. Another interesting outcome will be an elevated mood. That’s because a clean and well-set house lifts the spirit. So, add house cleanliness to your routine and you will not need to worry about finding expensive ways to keep the body moving.