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Keep COVID-19 At Bay – How To Choose The Right Mask For You


Preventing the spread of the virus is imperative at the moment, as the confirmed cases have reached over 50 million worldwide. The numbers continue to rise, and the virus takes lives daily, so it’s paramount to wear gloves and face masks to stop the spread.

Protective equipment is useful in guarding yourself against the coronavirus, but only if you wear it right. When you cover your face with a mask, it’s essential to place it right over your face to stop the virus from entering your nose or mouth. 

If you want to purchase a new set of masks, here are some recommendations on picking one

Which mask should you use?

From the environmental perspective, it’s best to get multiple reusable face masks so you can wash them together and re-wear them without harming the planet by throwing them away. To prevent skin rashes, get an organic cotton face mask that protects you from the virus without triggering skin irritation. Another option is to use filters with reusable face masks. 

When you shop for masks, consider where you want to wear them. If you’re a healthcare worker, cloth masks may not be the best solution because you directly expose yourself to the virus. Cloth masks are suitable in low-risk everyday situations (for both you and your children). 

In the long term, manufacturers and governments need to create masks that protect people in all situations without harming the environment when disposed of.  

Quick tips on how to pick a mask

The market provides you with many choices, and you may have no idea which one is right for you. Here are some quick tips to guide your steps. 

  • Buy masks that have more than two layers of breathable fabric
  • Stay away from masks made from a material that makes it difficult to breathe
  • Pick a model that completely covers your mouth and nose
  • Don’t use masks that feature exhalation vents or valves because they may allow the virus to escape
  • Check if it fits snugly against the sides of your face
  • Don’t use masks made for healthcare workers if you’re not one of them
  • Choose a gaiter as an alternative, but make sure it has more than two layers 
  • Buy masks made, especially for children for your kids. If you cannot find one, use universal ones that fit snugly over their mouth and nose. 
  • Don’t cover your baby’s face if they’re younger than two years old
  • If you wear glasses, the mask needs to fit closely to your nose. You may prefer a model with a nose wire to prevent the air from escaping and fogging your lenses. 

Even if you may not find it comfortable to wear a mask, you’ll get used to it. To enhance the good feeling, pick a model that fits your face shape like a glove because it traps all outgoing or incoming viruses and makes you feel like there’s nothing to bother you.

Shopping for a mask is challenging, but once you find a model that suits your needs, you’ll no longer find it daunting to wear one when exiting your house.