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It’s A Wienerpalooza Parade

KEY WEST, Fla. — About 150 pooches and their people had a doggone good time Sunday, when the Wienerpalooza dachshund parade was staged in Key West’s historic downtown.

Participants in the tail-wagging procession, a fundraiser for a local nonprofit that benefits animals in need, included longhaired and shorthaired dachshunds as well as some  “wiener-dog wannabes” representing other breeds.

Canine costumes and accessories were common. Dachshunds were dressed as everything from hot dogs in buns to pastel-tailed mermaids and a unicorn with a silver horn.

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“Grand marshal” Chester, a dapper 12-year-old rescue dachshund, even sported a tux and a top hat. And a costumed Golden Doodle puppy wore a sign declaring him a “dachshund in training.”

The walking route, deliberately kept brief to cater to the dachshunds’ short legs, began at Key West’s red-brick Custom House Museum.

Participants promenaded along a downtown avenue to legendary Duval Street as spectators snapped “pupparazzi” photos and applauded their favorite pooches.