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Is It Hard To Verify Your Account With An Online Casino In The USA


If you’re planning to play at an online casino, you will definitely want to know what verification process they have in place. This is so that you can make sure your account is safe and secure. As it goes without saying, there are certain risks associated with playing at an online casino.

Most of these casinos are legal and legitimate; however, not all of them are. Most verification processes take too long and require the player to put in a lot of effort. There is speculation that some online casinos drag out their verification processes so that they can keep hold of players’ money for longer. We recommend using USA non-verification withdrawal casinos to avoid these headaches.

What is the verification process at USA online casinos?

Online casinos are constantly on the hunt for new ways to protect their business against scammers and fraudsters. Fraudulent online casino accounts can pose a huge threat to a casino’s reputation and revenue stream. Online casinos have come up with a variety of unique ways to fight fraud.

One of the most effective methods is to partner with identity verification companies to help them identify fraudulent accounts. In fact, many online casinos have their own proprietary verification programs that are unique to them. There are many different levels of verification that online casinos can implement.

The most common ways of verifying your account are as follows:

  • Identity verification: This is when a casino identifies you as a real person through your identity documents. This is the most reliable form of account protection.
  • Proof of peculiarity: This method uses a combination of data points to establish that you are the owner of the account.
  • Proof of stake: This is similar to proof-of-peculiarity, but it uses a different process to determine if you are the account owner.

Types of verification

Paper-based: You have to submit some of your personal information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. This can be helpful in the event that someone has managed to obtain your login details and access your account. But paper-based verification is the least reliable. It’s best for new players who are more prone to making mistakes.

Phone verification: This is when you have to provide a phone number that’s connected to your account. If someone tries to access your account without knowing the number, they will get a notification about a new incoming phone call.

Google Authentication: With this, you need to link your Google account to your online casino account. If someone tries to access your account from a different device or location, they will receive a notification that they need to sign in with their Google account.

How difficult is it to verify your account at a USA online casino?

The most common verification processes at online casinos request that the player provide a copy of an identification document such as a driving license, a national ID card (if this is available) or a passport.

Usually, the online casino will request that you provide documentation such as a bank statement or a utility bill that proves you live at the address that you have stated. All of this is required to comply with “know your customer” (KYC) regulations. Often an online casino has to implement a KYC procedure as part of their operating license.