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Is “Google My Business” Really That Important?


For anyone who wants another opportunity to appear in Google’s search engine results, they shouldn’t ignore making a Google My Business page. In doing this, you will have the chance to list your business on Google Maps, and you will also appear in the local search engine results.

Through this system, you will display some of the most important information. You can display some of the most pertinent information to your business, such as the following:

  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Link to your website
  • Links to articles
  • Links to events

This doesn’t cost anything to put on Google, which is why it makes sense to have it listed on Google. You can do it for free. 

What if I Have an Online Business?

Even if you only have an online business, you still might consider doing this because of how you have worked hard to build your online business. As of January 2019, Google began to offer this service to online businesses that might not have a physical location but service a specific area. In this way, they can still publish here without having to have a physical address. In particular, this has proven helpful for businesses that do e-commerce.

Improve Local Visibility

Especially when you pay a lot to have your business or law firm advertised, why not simply improve your local visibility through doing something that is free? At the same time, anything that advertises you through Google, you can expect big results. With an increasing number of queries becoming local searches, you might find it useful to take advantage of the new algorithm with Google. 

How does it work? Let’s say that someone types in “lawyers near me.” The query is a local one, and it will show the businesses that have a Google My Business page. It will give them access to some of the local pages, and their business will be visible in this way. In fact, this is probably the most valuable form of advertisement because of how these are customers who are looking to receive services right now.

That means that you can’t afford to not have a Google My Business page. It gives you access to one of the best kinds of customers. With advertising, it is often hit or miss, but this is almost guaranteed to make a sale if they choose you.

Optimize Your Page

After you have set up your page, you will most likely be looking for ways that you could optimize it. To do that, make sure that you add the most pertinent information. You will include as much information as possible. Things like contact details and directions will be big here. 

The Google algorithm continues to change every day, and we have to continue to change with it. Be sure that everything within your Google My Business page is accurate because if you haven’t made the information accurate, people will have a much harder time finding you. People who can’t find you will be more likely to look elsewhere. 

Put Up Some Articles and Get Reviews

You can make yourself increasingly visible with articles on your GMB. To do this, you will make 300-word articles on an event with a set date. This helps to get the word out about your event so that more people will attend it. Posts will expire at the end of seven days which means that you will have to keep this going. You can, however, list the events for longer. 

The one thing to understand is the reviews. Whether you get good reviews or bad reviews, you should always respond to them. Also, do it in a professional way because a business that responds in an attacking way can look foolish and make themselves less attractive to other customers. Always respond professionally. Even when you thank customers who have left a positive review, this will engage your customers, and it shows them that you care about them. Think of your reviews as a way that you can continue to improve and grow as a business. Law firms should always be looking for ways that they can keep improving. Having a Google My Business page is local SEO for lawyers