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Industrial Steam Cleaner for Stationary and Continuous Use

Cleaning and sanitization is not only a necessity for hospitals. It should be integral to almost everything we do; whether it’s riding a bus, eating in a restaurant, staying in a hotel, or manufacturing something in an industrial environment. Each of these sanitization needs has its own unique characteristics depending on the structure, usability, and other circumstances; which are fulfilled by an array of cleaning techniques and appliances.

For example, it’s paramount for a food processing industry to ensure maximum hygiene of their products; but, they can’t really rely on using detergents due to the risk of contamination. So, the solution for such industries is to use an industrial steam cleaner that can effectively perform infection control without poisoning the products and the environments in the process.

Industrial Steam Cleaner for Stationery Use

In any industrial environment, there are various different needs of cleaning and sanitization. One of the most important is the sanitization of stationery items such as machinery. They are often made with complex designs and require special expertise to not cause any damage to their functionalities. By using an industrial steam cleaner, however, these challenges can be easily mitigated.

By design, these cleaners use chemical-free steams and sprays them in the intended area – a technique that is most perfect to reach all the complicated areas of industrial equipment. As it only uses hot water to create steam and requires no chemicals or detergents, steam cleaning offers a hassle-free solution in a quick and effective manner. Thanks to its simplicity, it also doesn’t require any extensive training for handling.

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Continuous Steam Cleaning for Conveyor Belts

Using conveyor belts to transport the produced products in a continuous production cycle is one of the most common practices in many mass production facilities including the food processing industries. While the system is very convenient, it also comes with the risk of contaminating the products. In fact, as per statistics, up to 90% of food contamination happens in the production process. Hence, the obvious solution is to equip the conveyor belt with an appropriate steam cleaning system.

The benefits of using such an inline clean system come in the manifold. They are usually set up with the belt’s frame, runs continuously as the products pass though, and provides a quick and integrated solution to hygiene without hampering the production cycle. The fact that industrial steam cleaners don’t require the use of any detergents also makes it a highly appealing solution, not least because of their eco-friendliness. Whether it’s a mobile, semi-automatic, or fully automatic system; the best belt cleaning system also usually comes with an integrated system to drain the water wastes. The ease of use is another key factor to consider as the best ones are easily removable; which ensures safe and easy maintenance.