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In Italy, Cappuccino Is Traditionally Consumed Once A Day With Breakfast.


National Cappuccino Day is observed annually on November 8. A nice hot cup of cappuccino is perfect on a frosty morning, meeting with friends or just to enjoy a creamy cuppa.

The word cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars and is the diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning hood or something that covers the head. This popular coffee beverage got its name not from the hood on their habits but from the color of the hooded robes that the friars wore.  (The Capuchin friars is an Order of friars in the Catholic Church, among the chief offshoots of the Franciscans.)

  • The espresso machine was first patented by a man named Luigi Bezzera in 1901.
  • In 1945 Achille Gaggia invented the modern espresso machine which further popularized the cappuccino.
  • The Mid 1990s – Cappuccino was made more widely available to North Americans as upscale coffee houses sprang up.
  • Late 1990′s to Early 2000′s – Cappuccinos became popular in the United States concurrent with the boom in the American coffee industry.
  • The start of 21st Century – A modified short-cut version of the cappuccino started being served at fast-food chains.
  • While steaming the milk you must pay close attention to attain the correct ratio of foam, thus making the cappuccino one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly.
  • A skilled barista may create artistic shapes while he/she is pouring milk on top of the espresso coffee.
  • In Italy, cappuccino is traditionally consumed once a day with breakfast.
  • The steamed foam served with capuccino serves as an insulator and allows the liquid to retain its heat for a longer period of time.
  • The top layer of the foam is where you usually encounter the strong flavors giving a special taste to cappuccino. Ginger, cinnamon and cocoa in powder form, are the most popular choices.
  • The first use of cappuccino in English is recorded in 1948 in a work about San Francisco.
  • In Italy, the average barista is 48 years old.
  • Kopi Luwak is considered to be the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. It is grown in Indonesia, and is about 50 dollars a cup, or 400 dollars a pound.
  •  Espresso Vivace is a venue in Seattle where, would you believe it, people flock from all over the world to learn the art of making coffee and cappuccino. Its founder, David Schomer, is one of the most acclaimed champions of “latte art” in the world.
  • the world championships for the best cappuccino are held each year in London, attracting baristas from all over the world. The winners? They are almost always Italian
  • Kazuki Yamamoto is known worldwide for his 3D cappuccinos: His 3D latte art creations are raised in height and his portraits literally pop out of the cup. He lives and works in Osaka, Japan. Follow him on Twitter.


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