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Impeachment Trial – Trump’s Team Begins

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It’s Day 5 of the Impeachment Trial, and the President’s side begins their presentation.  Here are some of the Saturday morning headlines:

Reuters: Trump’s legal team to begin defense arguments at U.S. Senate impeachment trial

Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump will begin his defense at the Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, offering a rebuttal to Democratic charges that he abused his power and previewing more detailed arguments planned for next week.

The HillWhat to watch on Day 5 of Trump’s impeachment trial

President Trump’s legal team gets its first crack at defending the president Saturday in a truncated Senate session before a more fulsome presentation on Monday.

USA Today:  ‘They are going to attack’: Trump’s defense lawyers promise ‘compelling case’ in impeachment trial

 Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn.

After three marathon days of impeachment testimony from Democratic House managers on why the president should be convicted and removed from office, Trump’s legal team will have equal time to make its case to senators starting Saturday.

National Review:  The Democrats’ Burisma Bait and Switch

Imagine you get indicted in a swindle. The prosecutors represent that they can prove you and your alleged co-conspirators planned to fleece a major financial institution. You counter that you weren’t fleecing anyone. Sure, you were asking for millions in loans, but the collateral you were prepared to post was real, and so were the businesses in which you were planning to invest the loan proceeds. The capital injection, you thought, would spur the commerce that would enable you to pay off the loan.

PoliticoWhat we learned at the Trump trial Friday

Democratic impeachment managers finished making their opening arguments against President Donald Trump by declaring him an “imminent threat” to American democracy and urging senators to find “moral courage” in voting to remove the president from office.

But after three days of marathon trial sessions, it appeared few Republicans had budged.