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How to Step Up Your Small Business in Orlando, Florida

So, you’re looking to run a small business in Orlando, Florida? Maybe you already have a family-run company, and you’re looking to step up from the competition. Either way, you want to find out how to differentiate your business from the pack.

Orlando has some fierce markets. Every industry that you can think is thriving in Orlando. Pharmacies, groceries, restaurants, not to mention the massive tourist industry, are all situated in this popular Florida city. You have your work cut out for you if you want to get the idea off the ground against competitors, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up.

Opening a small business in Orlando gives you a diverse customer base and a lot of other connections in the business world.

1. Smart Advertising

Your best friend is smart advertisements. About 40% of the space you see in Orlando is ad space. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see flyers, posters, social media campaigns, and other ways companies are trying to stand out.

In this case, jumping on the advertising bandwagon will help you gain a loyal customer base for your company. But you don’t want to do more work than you need.

Craft a smart advertising campaign. If you focus on brand clarity, the products/services you offer, and what your audience will be, a plan will fall into place. From there, put your attention to the advertisements that will draw in clients.

For example, if you’re selling mattresses, you’ll want to focus on people who need the product, such as college students (Orlando has plenty of those). Most college students won’t see a mattress ad in a newspaper. Advertise to them via social media and YouTube.

2. LED Billboards

Orlando has a lot of billboards. From the Disney, Universal, and Busch Gardens ads to displays for local lawyers, you see boards for everything. Unfortunately, the city has become oversaturated with these roadside signs. People barely pay attention to them anymore.

That’s where the beauty of giant led screens come in. Everyone is driving in Orlando anyway, so a road-based advertisement is essential. With an LED ad, your message comes across more clearly than with a standard billboard. Plus, you can put your videography skills to the test.

Creating a short but attention-grabbing advertisement on your LED screen will draw more customers to your business.

3. Partnering with Other Businesses

Remember, the competition in Orlando is vast, but not everyone needs to be your enemy:

  • Strike up partnerships with other local businesses
  • Exchange flyers to put up in your space
  • Source goods from other family-run companies in Orlando

If you can, try to work with the more corporate companies in the area as well. Maybe you can offer deals for those working in specific offices or sectors, and then get more business when they tell their friends.

Everyone is after that sweet Disney partnership, and it might seem like a long shot, but why not dream?

4. Word of Mouth

Orlando has a massive population of almost two million people. That’s a whole bunch of advertising power. All you need to do is make an impact on the people around you. Serve superb food, make sure your interior is clean and aesthetic, and provide stellar customer service.

No matter how many advertising campaigns fail, you can always trust that people will carry your message if they believe in what you sell.


Russell Emmental

Author Bio: Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.