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How to Make Your Website “508 Compliant”


Ever since the technological evolution and advancement, things have constantly been moving in the world of web development and internet-based utilities.

A website formed for a business is meant to bring the business closer to visitors as well as showcasing it, globally. This demands the business administration and items being properly displayed are made available online.

And that is where the requirement for a 508 compliance website arises. It’s required that being responsible for your business related website online, you understand the importance and significance of the criteria.

Understanding the problem 

Say you have a business website with several items displayed on it to impress your visitors. Now if a visitor wants a closer look at a product or item and is denied access to it, the visitor will not like this treatment. As a result, the visitor would not return to your website again, and would not promote it at his end too.

To solve this problem, you need to make site 508 compliant. This can be done easily by simply adding a line of code at the script of the website to make it WCAG 2.0 AA accessible. This is a simple backend process that can save your website from the accessibility issue.

Detailed analysis of the process

It takes time to make the website 508 compliant. You will add the code to every web page to make the site compliant.  Adding the one lines code to the site would help it get accessible for WCAG 2.0 AA. After the code insertion, you would probably see a symbol at the top of the site indicating the compliance.

If your website is not active for the visually challenged users, then you will have to get through legal processes to get to the solution. Your site cannot be passive for any potential customer. As the business, it must be open to all. All popular search engines, including the search giant Google, prefers sites which are complaint to 508 and places them at the top of the SERP too.

Adjustments in shading for the color blind

Colorblind users should have access to a simple tick in a feature that will change the colors in the site to a high contrast level. This change in setting made it really easy for the users will make them believe in your business and organization.

Reducing the impact of flashes and animations

Flash banners and animations are used to attract user attention definitely. But not all users are comfortable with them. If you have the easy to figure out and easy to use the option to put these features on and off, then distraction on the site can be minimized from the respect of some users.

Default view

Users may want to get back to the real default view of the site as and when they wish to. Hence this option must be made readily available, too.

Font size

The website should have the option to help users adjust the font size. Feature to reduce or increase the font size for optimal viewing as per user preference is a thoughtful add-on.

To wrap it up, some thoughtful changes and some calculated coding added to the site can really help your site get accessible and compliant with the standards.