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How to Keep Your Florida Home Cool This Summer

As summer begins, so does the real heat. As a Florida resident, you’re probably already used to dealing with the heat year-round. However, the summer heat is usually something else and can leave you sweating in your own home. And while pumping up the air conditioning can leave you cool at all hours of the day in your home, it can also be very expensive to maintain. Keeping the air conditioning at max can also put strain on your HVAC system.

While you can easily protect your HVAC system and wallet with a Florida home warranty plan, you shouldn’t have to rely on that. There are still ways you can keep your home cool in the summer without blasting the AC. To learn more about these ways, read the tips below.

Program your thermostat

Keeping your thermostat running at the same temperature the entire day can use a lot of energy. In order to keep your home cool and energy-efficient at the same time, you may want to program your thermostat.

By programming your thermostat, you can tell your home when you want it to cool down and the temperature you want it at. This is especially helpful for when you leave your home for an extended period of time. If you leave your home every day at 8 am and don’t return until 4 pm, you can program your AC to be warmer while you’re gone and to cool down right before you return. This can also be done at night and in rooms or floors you don’t occupy often.

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Keep your windows and blinds closed during the day

By keeping your windows open, you are allowing hot air to enter your home. Not only does this make your house hotter, but it also makes your HVAC system work harder to maintain a cooler temperature. To keep your house cool, make sure your windows are closed and tightly sealed to keep cool air in.

In addition to keeping your windows closed, keeping your blinds closed can also keep your home cool. Even if your window isn’t open, open blinds still allow for direct sunlight to enter your home. Keeping your blinds closed helps block direct sunlight and keeps sunny areas cool.

Allow for airflow

Another way of keeping your home cool is to allow for airflow throughout your home. If you can, keep interior doors open. This allows every room to be properly ventilated and lets cool airflow throughout your home. Some rooms can be hotter than others depending on its location and ventilation, so by keeping the door open, you allow for unrestricted airflow.

Use portable or window ACs

Portable and window air conditioning units are a great way to keep a room cool without using your entire HVAC system. Most units are easily adjustable and can be put in almost any place in your home. If your bedroom is unusually hot or you don’t want to turn your AC system on, portable AC units are a great alternative.

Use lightweight bedding

One of the worst parts about summers in Florida is being hot at night. Being uncomfortable and hot in bed can cause anyone to lose sleep. To avoid this, use lightweight bedding. While big, warm blankets are comforting and enjoyable to sleep in, they can be extremely hot. This tip can also be paired with using a portable AC in your room to keep things cool.

Hopefully, these tips help keep your home a little cooler. Enjoy your summer!