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How To Grow Shopify Traffic


Setting up your business on Shopify can be an ultimate achievement. However, if your site has low traffic, your sales will keep going down even if you are offering high-quality products.

If you increase your Shopify traffic, your sales will increase proportionately, even with fewer conversion rates. Reaching out to a Shopify agency will be the best if you want advice on how to grow Shopify traffic. However, we have illustrated six ways to grow your Shopify traffic and boost your sales.

Use Search Engines Optimization for Shopify

Before learning about your brand or company, prospective buyers will likely conduct some preliminary research on their preferred search engines. With Google AdWords, you can make your website easily visible to potential clients when searching, making it a popular and successful approach to reaching your targeted visitors.

Search engine optimization mainly involves understanding your target audience and optimizing the keywords to attract more clients to your website. You can place your keywords on the product titles, descriptions, and image tags.

Use Google Shopping free listings

In 2020, Google initiated free shopping ads that have been used by many large and small businesses operating online.

You can list your items through Google platforms through the Google free shopping listing. Once you list a product, it will be shown on the shopping tab. The basic requirement is a Google Merchant Account and your item data feed.

Since the ads are free, your niche is more likely to be overcrowded. Because of this, product data optimization is more critical in this aspect. Your products will rise to the top of the search results if you speak Google’s “language.”

Create a referral program

According to the Shopify agency, referral programs are one of the best strategies for improving your Shopify traffic. You meet your program goals through referrals, such as increased sales, subscribers, etc., while your customers get something in return like discounts, free items, etc.

When people want to get a new item, they always ask their friends and family for advice. Therefore, if you have set out a referral program for your Shopify clients, you might gain more conversion rates.

Influencer marketing on social media

An influencer is any Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account with a considerable number of engaged followers. Launching an influencer marketing campaign is the quickest and most effective approach to reaching your target demographic on social media. You need to be aware of your marketing objective and the target audience before approaching any social media influencer.

Engaging in influencer marketing for your Shopify store will attract high traffic to your site and build your brand awareness among the target audience. Therefore, influencer marketing is a worthwhile investment for your Shopify store.

Social Media Integration

When you have optimized your Shopify website, you will need to be ready to receive all the new traffic coming on your social media. For this reason, you will have to ensure that your social media accounts are well-integrated. Some of the social media accounts you can use include Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts, etc.

Improving Shopify traffic is very critical if you are running a Shopify store. It helps in boosting your brand awareness and conversion rates. You can consult with your Shopify agency for details.