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How to Get Fresh Meats Delivered to Your Door

As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, many Americans are looking for ways to practice social distancing that won’t disrupt their lives more than necessary.

With more cases being reported every day, and no sign yet that the curve is going to flatten, many people are settling in for what could be a long period of isolation.

Those who want to ensure a regular supply of high-quality meat but don’t want to endanger themselves should consider taking advantage of the many great options for fresh meat delivery currently available.

Many are turning to food as a source of comfort and entertainment in these difficult times — from amateur cooks finally deciding to tackle their favorite restaurant recipes to people tweeting about their sourdough starters. The coronavirus has provided an opportunity for Americans to develop a new relationship with food.

Given the anxiety involved in even the most straightforward trips to the supermarket, however, one thing holding some people back from exploring new recipes is the availability of staple ingredients like fresh meat.

Fortunately, there are ways to buy gourmet meat that doesn’t require you to set foot outside your apartment. Here are two great ways to make sure quarantine doesn’t derail your next cooking project.

Order a Meat Box

As worries about how the coronavirus could impact America’s food system have spread, many have started stockpiling essential ingredients.

But while a large bag of rice can last most households several months, meat is a little trickier. Without a large freezer, safely storing large quantities of meat is hard, and the last thing anyone wants during quarantine is a case of food poisoning.

The good news is that in many states it is possible to order a box of frozen meats from local providers. Not only do these meat boxes mean that you can stay stocked up on essentials like ground beef, chicken breasts, sausages, and steak, they are also a safe way to get food delivered to your door without violating social distancing protocols.

Sign Up for a Grocery Subscription

Ordering a meat box online is a great way to stock up without going outside, but given how long social distancing may need to last in the large cities, many Americans are looking for reliable options for regular food deliveries.

For this reason, grocery subscription services that allow customers to create an order for regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly fresh meat delivery have seen an increase in memberships in areas where people want to practice social distancing without missing out on their favorite foods.

Subscriptions are a great way to get groceries without leaving the house, but grocery and meat delivery subscription services also offer other benefits, such as:

  • Making planning in advance easier
  • Providing a wider range of product options
  • Increasing convenience
  • Saving time

If you want to get the best meat in the most reliable way for your quarantine cooking experiments, try a subscription service like truLOCAL that specializes in fresh local meat delivered right to your door.