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How South Florida became an Opioid Withdrawal Treatments Heaven

The problem of opioid abuse is rife in the U.S. and has been a matter of widespread concern. Opioid dependence impacts the drug user adversely and imposes a heavy economic burden on the society by increasing the cost of health care, unemployment rates, premature mortality, and absenteeism.

Users also develop opioid withdrawal syndrome, a life-threatening condition that causes withdrawal symptoms and cravings resulting from opioid dependence. 

In recent times, Florida has particularly become increasingly popular as an opioid withdrawal haven. Detox centers in Florida have embraced new approaches that seek to make withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible for patients. Here are some of the approaches used by South Florida’s detox centers.

Unique Treatment Approaches

Rehab centers will give patients with Opioid withdrawal syndrome special medication to treat withdrawal symptoms like hypertension, pain, heart rate, etc. Additionally, the doctors and therapists at these facilities understand the importance of allowing the body to come down off the drugs gradually. Consequently, they may prescribe opioid replacements to gradually bring the body back to its normal internal state.

One such groundbreaking treatment employed by rehabs in Florida is known as Accelerated Neurodegeneration (ANR). The method can reverse both central nervous system disorders caused by opioid withdrawal syndrome. The ANR method targets the biological roots of opioid dependency and allows opioid-dependent patients to return to their activities of daily living without the endless fear of relapse and failure. 

The method’s success as a treatment against opioid withdrawal is linked to the ability to modulate or regulate each patient and restore his/her endorphin-receptor balance. Regulation or modulation of endorphin receptors allows the medical staff to optimize each individual’s chemical balance. Consequently, it has become the standard when it comes to treating opioid withdrawal.

Monitoring Vitals

Besides employing these revolutionary treatments, the medical staff at detox centers in Florida also monitors the patient’s vitals constantly. This enables them to take note of all changes the patient may be experiencing regardless of how minor they are. The medical staff may even wake up patients in the middle of the night to check their vitals because they understand some withdrawal symptoms pose a great danger to the patient’s life.

Holistic Therapies

Moreover, some of these centers will also employ holistic approaches to drug addiction therapy with a healthy diet, counseling, chiropractic care, etc.) to make drug withdrawal faster and more comfortable.

Addiction to opioid use can make your body feel like you must use the substance in order to function. Failure to use the substance often results in feelings of sickness because the body is not getting what it thinks it needs. Treatment for opioid withdrawal syndrome is necessary to restore normal physiological and psychological functioning.

Withdrawal becomes emotionally and physically challenging if you fail to go through it under the correct medical care and guidance. In some extreme cases, patients can die from withdrawal symptoms. The ANR method is becoming widely accepted in Florida and across the U.S. as the latest and most effective advancement in treatment.