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How Local Marketers Use Craigslist Proxies

There’s no doubt that local marketing is a great channel for many businesses and many entrepreneurs have profited from this trend. You should consider local marketing too. One reason is that when you market locally and target your campaigns on a city level, you are free from the competition of big companies.

Another reason is the number of irrelevant Internet searches and content. That’s why many users, when searching for something online, in their search question, will also insert a local keyword, such as their city or neighborhood. Other users start their searches from truly local platforms, such as Craigslist. And if you, as a marketer, want to reach your customers at a local level, when performing local searches, you can use Craigslist proxies in your marketing campaigns.

How to use Craigslist proxies

To get in front of potential customers or generating leads at a local level, you need to use Craigslist proxies. These are private proxy packages with IPs from specific geographical areas, you can find more on proxies for Craigslist here.

You need Craigslist proxies to be able to create multiple ads and post them on numerous classified ads websites. In this way, you can reach more people and increase your customer base.

The local searches

Many online searches have local-oriented keywords such as “near me”, “around”, “city area”, etc. All of these searches show a local intent and users are focused on receiving local results. Hence, they won’t care about the results from other areas.

Moreover, this also indicates that they will be more willing to look at classified ads websites and locally-oriented websites.

Google “entities”

You can use Craigslist proxies to create Google entities and local accounts to reach the right side of the search result page and gain more visibility.

Easier to rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)

Did you know that more than 90% of the searches have more than 3 keywords? And usually, one of these keywords shows local intent.

Most local searches come from long-tail keywords. And as mentioned above, most of these searches are local and there isn’t a lot of competition from big businesses. Therefore, by using Craigslist proxies, you can increase your chances of ranking higher and getting more visibility for your ads. Even if not on your website, you will get this visibility through the classified ads platforms and the ads you will be posting there with the help of your proxies.

A final word

Thanks to the  Internet, you can advertise and post from everywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. However, most searches with buying intent happen at the local level.



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