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How Buying A Used Toyota 86 Will Save You A Ton Of Money

The Toyota 86 is one of those products that satisfy a niche in the market. Definitely not a product of huge mass appeal, the 86 mostly finds its value in the hands of an enthusiast, especially because of its handling and riding characteristics.

If you have never seen the 86, it might look similar to the Subaru BRZ. Why? Because they are jointly made by Toyota and Subaru, and manufactured at Subaru’s Gunma assembly plant.

Buying a used Toyota 86 will save you tons of money and for good reason, which we are going to discuss here. If you live in Florida, you can find especially good deals for used Toyota 86 for sale in South Florida. But we are pretty sure that you would also find good deals elsewhere. And you should grab them.

Why should you buy a Toyota 86?

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Let’s talk about some of the reasons as to why you should consider the Toyota 86. It’s a sports coupe, so it is not for people with families. It is also not for you if you do not enjoy the essence of driving a manual through twisty bends and enjoy coming out at the other end. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider the Japanese sports coupe:

  • Affordability

The 86 is an enthusiast’s car and just like its twin – the BRZ – it won’t break your bank. It is actually affordable for most enthusiasts. The 2020 Toyota 86 starts at $28,055 and tops at around $30,000. But when you buy a used one, you will get it for a much more affordable price.

  • Driving characteristics

The topmost priority of an owner of such a car is the experience of driving it. The 86 offers excellent driving characteristics. It is fun to drive with its precise and fast steering. The compact body helps it go into corners with confidence. No body roll and excellent weight distribution make it a joy to drive around twisty and bendy roads.

  • Sporty and driver-focused interior

The interior of the Toyota 86 is not aimed at offering you an opulent and luxurious experience. It is completely focused on the driver and emits a sense of sportiness. There are lots of physical buttons and controls. Also, the driver and passenger can fit in comfortably, compared to other compact sports cars, such as MX-5 or Fiat 124. Quality is also decent inside the cabin and will give you a vibe of athleticism. Not only that, but you will also get a sizable trunk for its size for storage.

  • Excellent choice for amateur racers

The 86 was made to be driven on the track. Even though it is not particularly quick, it is still pretty fun to drive. With such excellent handling, it makes it easier to go around corners of a track, with ease. If you are just interested in racing on a track casually, or if you are just starting out, the 86 will offer you very good company, until you can spend more on a proper sports car.

  • Stylish exterior design

The Toyota 86 looks like it was made for the tracks. With an aggressive stance and longer hood, the coupe’s looks are further enhanced by the sloping roofline at the rear. Compact, small, and pretty eye-catching, the 86 will certainly impress you when you first lay your eyes on it.

  • Good braking system

A sports car cannot just get away with a poor braking system. The 86 comes equipped with 11.6” brakes at the front and 11.4” brake rotors at the rear. Those might seem small, but with a curb weight of only 2,817 lbs, you don’t really need huge rotors. Despite that, the 86 is actually pretty well-equipped when it comes to braking. Emergency braking is also quite good and the pedal travel is linear.

  • Good for beginners

If you are new to the world of sports cars, the 86 will be a pretty good starting point. The engine is decent, but it doesn’t throw too much in your face. It has a 0-60 time of 6.7 seconds, which is a decent figure to handle for someone who is new. With easy handling, it becomes quite easy to control. The performance is not too shabby, but also not too fast; making it easier for a beginner to control without being overwhelmed.

How will buying one save you money and why is depreciation higher on the Toyota 86?

All cars lose value but some lose value a lot quicker than others. Most people, especially beginners, would also prefer buying a used sports car. Without breaking the bank, you can actually own a sports car for cheap, if you look after the Subaru BRZ or Toyota 86. iSeeCars had made a list of sports cars with the biggest depreciation rates in the first year itself. The 86 came in at #2 and BRZ came in at #10.

The 86 loses around 25.2% of its value within the first year itself, which is a big margin to lose. This means it loses around $7,680. So, if you opt for an 86 that was released just last year, you would be saving $7,680 (on average). While on the other hand, the BRZ only loses $5,504, which makes it slightly more expensive.

Why is the depreciation on the 86 higher? Mainly because there are more 86s than BRZs on the market. The 86 is much more popular and common among Americans, as compared to the BRZ. This is why the 86 also depreciates faster. More cars on the market mean more supply, and hence, lesser demand.