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How a Betting Spreadsheet Can Improve Your Betting

There are many different ways that claim to help your betting. These could be tools you use when placing bets, tips and advice that you read or something else.

Some will work, and some won’t but actually the best tip out there is something you have for yourself. The latest gambling news will keep you ahead of things in the betting world and something that is personally tailored to you will go well alongside that.

This is the results from your betting when you have placed a bet and seen it lose or win, don’t forget about it as it can help shape your future.

Using a betting spreadsheet to record bets is something that professional punters do for a variety of reasons. It is also something that recreational punters can use to help them too, again for many reasons. This sheet can unlock profit in the future for you, and if you don’t already have one, now is the time to implement one into your betting.

Why Should Recreational Punters Make a Spreadsheet?

We all place bets because we love gambling and love the sports we are betting on. However, it is also done to make money. No one wants to be a losing punter if they can help it, and many people love the idea of making a reasonable amount of money from gambling on a regular basis.

Where you bet is an important part of that too. Having the right bookmaker on your side with good offers, odds and betting markets opens up enough doors for you to use.

The strongest bookmakers are known for offering all of this and have built up a reputation based on it. They offer welcome bonuses such as free bets to new players and this can often be the first of many offers they give to their customers.

What to Put on Your Betting Sheet?

This doesn’t need to be complicated at all, what you are doing here is looking for signs that can improve your betting.

The stake of your bet, the sport it was placed on, the betting market if you use more than one, outcome and profit or loss from the bet are pretty much all that you need.

The two key changes you are going to make are on the sport or the betting market, so these are vitally important. Your changes will be determined by the profit and loss of the bets, so this is also important.

Having the outcome allows you to work out a strike rate, are you winning regularly or getting lucky with one big win? Lastly, the stake, this allows you to look at what would happen if stakes were increased and decreased depending on the sport or market.

How it Can Improve Your Profit

To improve your betting profit, you need to look back across the sheet you have created and work out what changes will improve things. Compare the individual sports, does one stick out as being profitable while the rest struggle, or is there just one you can drop to focus better on other areas?

The betting markets are also important. When betting on big golf events for example, do you do well with three-ball betting but poorly on the outright markets? Then, it is time to implement these changes.

Look at how your profit would increase if you dropped your least profitable sport or the betting market that constantly brings you losses. An alternative is to keep betting on everything but change your stakes to reflect your chances of winning. Increase stakes on the profitable bets and decrease them on those you are losing on.

You can only do this because of the information right in front of you, a personal spreadsheet detailing your entire betting highs and lows.