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House Hunting in Florida is Still Possible During COVID-19

The month of April is usually the month that real estate soars in the market. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market has been very slim. Most home listings have gone down and home sales have dropped nine percent nationwide compared to March. 

Currently, according to a real estate consultant said that the history of data in the biggest housing markets in the country – like New York City, Portland, Austin, Seattle, and California’s East Bay shows that while right now everything is declining, post-pandemic, those numbers will swiftly move up and level out to the pre-pandemic levels that are typical of the housing market.

The question for most home buyers is how will they be able to purchase a new home or condo with all the current restrictions. 

Across Florida, most real estate agents are taking the time to still go out and show homes, but not at the risk of themselves and their customers.  

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If you’re having trouble deciding if it’s safe to continue looking for a new home, here are the 5 steps you can take to still actively look in the housing market: 

 Virtual Tours and Boutique Searches

If you’ve been worried about how you can look at homes while not putting yourself at risk during the course of the pandemic, some real estate agents have found a really easy solution: bringing the tour virtually to their clients. 

While it isn’t the same as visiting a home in person, you’ll have the availability to ask your real estate agent as they tour the home for you to show you the home from every corner, door, and room. You can ask for specific dimensions and other variables that you’re looking for in a home. A good tip to use is asking them to show you exactly what you’re looking for during the virtual tour. 

Another great way to get started on your journey would be to get in contact with a more specialized real estate agency. If you would rather look at homes that are recently finished and could be custom-made to your liking, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to get in contact with them. 

There’s definitely a few in southern Florida that specializes in new and pre-construction homes and condos that you can still get in contact with during the course of the pandemic. These particular agencies are more accustomed to finding those specific ideals you’re looking for in your new space on a budget. 

Create a Budget

Now, while this may be common sense for most, it’s also important to remember the times we’re in. While there is still a chance to buy a home, you want to make sure that the property you get is going to have value. 

Prices on homes and condos are dropping daily because of how the housing market currently looks – and that won’t stay very long. While it could be a great deal, it’s best to look at the long term value. 

The best way to look deeper into the actual value of the home is by looking at not only the interior factors but the exterior factors. Ask yourself if the school district and neighborhood you’re in are considered good, make sure that the financing on the property is reasonable for you, and make sure that right now you’re not stretching a small budget. 

If you decide in the long run that you want to move out of that house and into a new one, make sure that in the present you’re making the best investment. 

Pre-moving conditions may vary

If you’re almost on your way out of your home and ready to move out, you might need to also consider logistically how you might be able to do that. For instance, you might not be able to get a cleaning service for your home to clean your property when you move out. 

While most of the service industry has changed its rules to wearing masks to get their job done, it might not be to get those services to your door for the time being. 

If you’re determined to still move out as soon as possible, look to organize your things to make it easier for you to do a thorough clean before moving. Maybe you should also categorize them to determine what goes to your new home and what needs to be given away or go in the trash. 

While it may take longer to close or to clean your home before moving, this time indoors can actually prove to be a good time to really focus on what type of space you want to live in. Most homebuyers go into the real estate market with a particular goal and vision in mind and come out with something completely different.  \

Don’t give up hope if you’re still searching – just get in touch with the right people to guide you.