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Handy Ways To Decide How Much To Tip

Tip Jar Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Possessing the proper tipping etiquette has become a crucial part of modern civilization. It’s equally important as your dining manners, and thus,  you must master the art of tipping before stepping into the premises of any high-end restaurant or hotel. Moreover, the hardworking staff looks forward to gaining some recognition and appreciation from their customers and giving them a proper tip is the best way to reward them.

Below are some handy tips to assist you in deciding how much you should tip to the working staff of any hotel or a restaurant.

●      You can follow the US method of giving a tip

If you’re perplexed about how much to tip at the restaurant, follow the US method. Giving 15% of the entire bill is often considered the ideal amount for the tip. However, this is the base amount, and if you liked the services provided by the worker.

You can consider tipping around 20% of the total bill if the services were excellent. Increase the amount percentage accordingly by taking 15% as a base. You can also use this tip calculator for more appropriate and up to the mark tipping amount.

●      Check whether your tip is included in the total bill

Always check your bill before giving a separate amount of money as a tip. Many restaurants have a firm policy regarding this additional amount. Reason being, a significant part of their wages comprises of the tipping amount. However, many people ignore this fact and pay extra every time they go to a restaurant.

The hotel might include this amount in the bill beforehand. In this manner, the worker can make at least the basic amount. So, check your bill thoroughly before giving any additional amount as a tip.

●      Service received

The amount you give as a tip can also completely rely upon the quality of service that you’ve received. Spend your money only when you’re satisfied with the behavior and etiquette followed by the staff. Don’t forget to appreciate the additional efforts put in by the staff and workers to make your time memorable. Verbal appreciation along with the tip can make their day.