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Greg Fishman of Boca Raton: Assisting UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital via Dance Marathon

UF Health
The Dance Marathon for 2018 raised $3,026,420.19.
UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital

As a Children’s Miracle Network participating hospital, the UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida is one where students in high school and college have the ability to provide support for kids in need.

The children’s hospital provides much-needed treatment and care for children every year, with the Dance Marathon fundraiser.

The Dance Marathon is a fun event hosted each year by the University of Florida, with over 800 students in high school and college in the state of Florida and Georgia showing their support to kids in need by staying up for hours by dancing the night away.

Greg Fishman, CEO of Resolvy (Linkedin.com)

CEO of Resolvy, Greg Fishman, is an avid supporter of the Dance Marathon,  helping to provide his support, with financial assistance as well as the promotion of the highly anticipated event.

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Fishman helps to support the 26.2-hour event because he knows how the children at the hospital can benefit. Every year, millions of dollars are raised to ensure the small patients of the hospital have the care they deserve. The funding from the event goes towards quality medical equipment as well as making enhancements to the facility that will help children to enjoy their stay.

Funding is also used to provide educational programs along with research grants, so doctors of the facility can find solutions for incurable diseases that affect children, including cancer and diabetes. With the help of such individuals as Greg Fishman, the hospital has the ability to provide the best care and continue to work on new methods of treatment for children’s health.

Dance Marathon of March 2018 (Frame Grab of DMatUF/GHQ FM video)

The next Dance Marathon is set for March of 2019 and already it is going to be a big event. Every year, the Dance Marathon hosts hundreds of kids along with special guests to promote the good works of the program and assist the hospital with much-needed funding. Anyone can get involved, promoting the program and helping to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Finding a charitable organization or program is important, especially when it comes to students in high school and college. The Dance Marathon helps these young kids see how small actions can have a big impact in helping others, even children younger than themselves. By being proactive in charitable works, these students are learning how to be better people, feeling the positive impact of helping others in need.