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Get Your Florida Politics Fix 24/7

“All politics is local,” is a familiar phrase in the political arena that is largely attributed to former Speaker of the House, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill.

“Every day the voting public is bombarded with news and messages that can be overwhelming at times. The bottom line is that most people are interested in the local issues that matter in their lives,” says veteran TV news executive and digital publisher, Mark Young.

With this in mind, Young launched TheFloridaReporter.com, a daily digital news platform specifically designed to give readers a snapshot of what is happening in the political world and beyond. The site connects with Florida’s most influential policymakers, media, business leaders and citizens.

TheFloridaReporter.com is on its way to becoming Florida’s premier non-partisan news aggregation website and daily email newsletter for political news. This site offers timely news stories pertaining to the political arena, issues, elected officials and their impact across Florida. In addition, a free daily newsletter is sent out to subscribers with that morning’s highlights.

In a few minutes time, a person can gauge the political temperature of just about any issue without having to read or watch the multitude of news outlets in the state. This includes candidates’ activities, crime, education, growth, taxes and social issues.

New stories are posted throughout the day. The site is continually updated with up-to-the-minute news presented in a simple, eye-catching, easy-to-read format. In addition, breaking news alerts are sent to every subscriber when deemed necessary.

“We Don’t Take Sides. You Decide, is our Mantra,” Young added.

Since its launch, https://thefloridareporter.com/ has been embraced by elected officials and their staff, political consultants, campaign staff and community leaders.

TheFloridaReporter.com offers advertising and sponsorship programs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (News@thefloridareporter.com)

Mark Young

During his television career, Mark Young has managed news operations in small and large markets throughout the United States. Young spent the last 40 years working behind the scenes covering the most important stories of the day.

In 2015, he created SouthFloridaReporter.com, an innovative online news site dedicated to covering local news and community events throughout South Florida. The site has been embraced as a respected and viable news source both locally and nationwide.

TheFloridaReporter.com, Mark’s latest digital platform, promises to offer timely news stories pertaining to politics, issues, elected officials and their impact across the state.

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