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Gary Kompothecras, Founder of 1800 Ask Gary, Shares Your Best Options for Florida Traffic School

Gary Kompothecras

No one likes getting a ticket for a moving violation. Gary Kompothecras explains that the fees and the hassle of dealing with court papers or other logistics are not fun, not to mention the fact that these violations can result in higher insurance rates and loss of driving privileges. But thankfully, many states have instituted useful measures that allow ticketed drivers to remove their driving violations from their records and have a clean start, usually in the form of traffic school (or “defensive driving courses”). 

1800 Ask Gary, a free helpline that resources accident victims with medical and legal help, discusses options that Florida drivers have for attending and utilizing traffic school. 

Basic Driver Improvement 

Kompothecras points out that many of the consequences of speeding and similar moving violations can be dismissed by taking what is called a Basic Driver Improvement course. This course is designed to retrain drivers in the basics of Florida driving laws and best driving practices.

A driver who receives a citation must select this option within 30 days of their violation and tell the clerk of court in the relevant county prior to taking the course. They must also pay whatever fees are still due to the county for their violation. 

Taking a Basic Driver Improvement course will often reduce the civil fees that are due. It will also keep any points from being added to your license (which can increase insurance rates over time if they add up), and it will ensure that you are not legally judged guilty by the court.

There are in-person classroom courses offered for people to complete Basic Driver Improvement, but there are also online options that are FLHSMV-approved. These will typically be the most convenient for people, especially those with jobs or children at home. 

Advanced Driver Improvement 

If your moving violations have been more severe and have resulted in the loss of your license, Kompothecras notes that Advanced Driver Improvement courses are available and will be necessary to regain driving privileges. These FLHSMV-approved courses are more thorough and involve 12 hours of coursework. If you have been in three collisions within 36 months, there are other requirements as well, including taking four hours of training at a driving school and passing an official road test. 

1800 Ask Gary Can Provide Medical and Legal Resources

If you’re dealing with the aftermath of a bad accident or other moving violation and are looking for help, contact 1800 Ask Gary to get connected to the right medical or legal practitioners in your area and then quickly refer you to professionals who can help you take the right steps forward. 


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