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Fort Lauderdale Flooding Sunday

Coral Ridge Country Club (Image: Norliza Batts)
Coral Ridge Country Club (Image: Norliza Batts)

In case you had not noticed, it’s been raining extensively for several days along Florida’s east coast. In fact, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties have been under a flood watch for most of those days. [1:50 minutes read time]

Sunday evening, a Coral Ridge resident sent SouthFloridaReporter.com flooding pictures from the recently renovated Coral Ridge County Club.
The club was scheduled to re-open after $70-million renovations are completed near Thanksgiving. It is very likely the re-opening will be postponed, but until the experts can get out there and check for any damage, it’s too early to tell.
Elsewhere, the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale issued the following statement Sunday evening UPDATED 11PM:
Coral Ridge Country Club (Image: Norliza Batts)
The City of Fort Lauderdale continues to monitor local area flooding resulting from recent inclement weather.
Ground water tables are highly saturated from the recent storm events. The region has experienced more than 7.5 inches of rain in areas of our community. Our seven-day rainfall average has been between 11 and 14 inches. Overall, the City has experienced more than 30 percent of its expected annual rain fall in just the past week.
What We Are Doing
  • Staff has been deploying crews to pump out water from severely impacted areas since Saturday.
  • All utility systems are working at full capacity and staff continues to monitor the system. Given the excessive volumes of water in such a short timeframe, it may take four to five days for the system to stabilize.
  • Support crews will continue to work through the week to assist with dewatering critical areas and ensuring that catch basins and storm sewer systems are functioning properly.
  • Staff is working on approximately $200 million worth of capital improvement infrastructure projects to be completed in the next five years that are geared toward improving stormwater systems for low-lying areas. Until these projects are completed, staff will continue to prioritize operational support and mitigate as much as possible.
Do Your Part
We ask our community to assist with mitigating flood issues and ensure everyone’s safety by doing the following:
  • Avoid areas subject to flooding.
  • Do not drive into standing water, especially if it is near a canal or adjacent to seawall.
  • If you must drive near flooded areas, please drive slowly to minimize creating wakes that impact homes and businesses.
  • Turn off irrigation systems for the next few days to help the ground water tables subside.
  • If you see a clogged storm drain on or near your property, please remove the debris on top of the storm drain if it is safe to do so. You may also call the 24-hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000 to report clogged storm drains.
  • Please do not place your bulk trash items over or near a storm drain.
  • Make sure to contact your flood insurance representative. For more information on flood insurance, please contact the City of Fort Lauderdale Floodplain Manager at 954-828-6133 or visit the City’s Floods and Flood Insurance web page.
Questions or Concerns
If you have specific concerns, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000 or submit your concern to LauderServ, our online ticketing system.
For more information or to report severe conditions, please contact the 24-hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000. For updates, visit www.fortlauderdale.gov.
Just one more “event” to add to 2020!