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Five Must See Casino Shows


Casinos are the perfect location for brilliant movie moments, filled with glamourous people and fortunes being won and lost. Here are my top film and TV shows for your casino fix!

Casino Royale, a Bond classic, is the ultimate casino film.  The high-stakes casino setting is crucial as Bond plays a lethal poker game against his enemy Le Chiffre.  He manages to survive an assassination attempt and even return to the table to finish his game.  This film was also made into an incredible interactive adventure with Secret Cinema, where you could watch Bond in person and enjoy the incredible casino atmosphere for yourself.  The Casino Royale of the film is set in fabulous Montenegro and was brought alive with a host of actors, special effects, and even cars driving through the stage as part of the experience.

Friends Episode ‘The One in Vegas’ – an unforgettable episode for all Friends fans!  This show sees Monica and Chandler winning big on the casino tables, and finally gambling on whether to get married.  The game goes in their favor and as they go to tie the knot, Rachel and Ross drunkenly stumble out of the chapel, already married!  A hilarious episode with four of the characters getting married after getting swept up in the casino dream, this is one to watch.

Croupier – A writer reluctant to enter the casino world takes on a job as a croupier, and soon becomes entwined in the glamourous and sometimes conflicted world he joins.  We follow his exciting transformation as he falls down the rabbit hole! A brilliant performance from Clive Owen as the nominal croupier, it’s an interesting and entertaining film showing the perspective from the other side of the casino table, with both the highs and lows.

The Hangover – a fabulous, funny riot of a film, this movie follows a group of friends at a bachelor party as they try and work out what exactly happened the previous night, and where their groom has disappeared to! Rumour has it you can now even play ‘Hangover’ themed slot machines in Vegas today if you want to channel the fun of the film yourself!  With gorgeous Bradley Cooper and the weird and wonderful Zach Galifianakis, this is a perfect date night film.

Oceans 11 – If you like fast, fun heist films with a big helping of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, this is the film for you!  The plot revolves around a multi-casino heist carried out by an elite team, each working to their individual strengths to pull off an incredible crime. The film was so popular it was followed by Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen and Ocean’s 8, a spin-off with an all-female lead cast.  This film includes some of the most iconic Vegas casinos; the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand, a perfect casino lovers’ movie.

These are just some of the big and small screen magical moments set in casinos, the home of excitement and risk, a perfect cinematic location.  If you’d like to share the casino experience and learn more, check out this ultimate online casino guide.


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