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Five Must Have Gift Ideas for Dad


With COVID-19, the most important gift to give this year is something your loved one will use. A useful gift is ever-so-helpful in these times of uncertainty. Does the man of the house still need another pair of socks or briefs? Sure, but let’s help the dads this year by making them more equipped to handle whatever comes their way in the New Year.

If you have yet to experience your local hardware store during this pandemic, you’d miss the home improvement craze that has swept across America. With many homeowners staying home from work, there hasn’t been a more perfect time to tackle the home repair.

All-Around Tool Kit

Great for the dad who isn’t so handy and needs to get a good base of essential tools. From hanging a picture to light construction, these kits are optimal and a must-have for any homeowner or individuals that have recently moved into their own home.

Measuring Tools for The Trade

No task done right can be done without measuring the material right. The best type of measuring tool is going to depend on the job at hand and for the average homeowner, a laser measure and a tape measure go a long way in completing most homeowner jobs. Installing your own fence? Maybe the next DIY is more homestead minded and it’s time to build a chicken coop or garden boxes. Get a proper measure for the task.

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Heated Jacket and Winter Apparel

Many name brands (and generics now) are coming out to meet the demand for the heated jacket craze. Heated jackets make the most extreme winter weather tolerable. The handyman will have no excuse not to complete a job outside when he has one of these. No excuses for him to not walk the dog even. Heated apparel is trending.


EDC has been a growing accessory demand for dads. EDC (everyday carry) ranges from utility knives, custom wallets, compact organizers, flashlights, tactical items and more. These gifts not only let dad feel cool wearing them, but he can also put them to use on the next task around the house.


Not talking about cell phones here. While a cell phone is a standard these days, having an alternative for the home can be a good idea. Stock your house with a few shortwave radios. Basic walkie talkies could be useful in certain circumstances. They are even a fun gift for kids to play with around the house. Any time away from screen time is a great alternative. These allow for imagination and practicality.

Home Organization Bins

There are countless home organization bins out there that cater to each room of the house. Plan on a room for your dad to organize and equip him with organization bins galore. Having items organized can save money by knowing what inventory you have on hand and where its location.