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Fishing Essentials: Polarized Sunglasses

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Are you new to fishing? Or do you simply want to take up a new hobby? Whatever the reason is, you need to know about the basic fishing essentials. Besides the fishing vest and the good ol’ rod and reel, a pair of polarized sunglasses are mandatory for any angler.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about polarized sunglasses for fishing.

Reasons Behind the Need for Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing 

It is strongly advised to not wear any kind of generic sunglasses. You need to wear polarized sunglasses specifically made for fishing. Do some online research and assess the various types of polarized shades.

Based on your needs, you can choose the perfect polarized sunglasses. You can see reviews and helpful insights from informative sites like The Nature Insider.

Improves Vision

The polarizers of the lens obstruct the reflected light. The sunlight that reflects on the water forms a glare and makes it difficult to keep an eye on the fish and the aquatic environment. The polarized shades reduce the glare and help you see better. With better vision, you can properly interpret or see any movement in the water and depict where the fish are.

These specialized glasses are ideal as they reduce eye strain caused by intense sunlight. By reducing the excruciating glare, you do not need to squint and exert stress on your eyes.

Protection and Safety of Eyes

Protective eyewear is compulsory if you decide to take up fishing as a hobby. Long hours are spent outside where you are exposed to the sun.

Your eyes are very delicate and vulnerable organs of your body. They should be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun and other irritants like dust and wind. If your eyes are not protected from the ultraviolet rays, you will be very susceptible to retinal degeneration and cataracts.

The cornea and conjunctiva can be temporarily damaged if it is exposed to dangerous rays. This temporary ailment is known as photokeratitis. Photokeratitis is similar to getting sunburnt; only your corneas are temporarily burnt instead of the skin.

To prevent such unpleasant predicaments, you need to wear polarized sunglasses that block 99% of the UV rays.

Why You Should Not Opt For Regular Sunglasses for Fishing

Cheap and generic sunglasses are often not polarized and reduce the lucidity and mess up the vision. These regular pairs of glasses simply decrease the low amount of glare and do not do much when you are doing an outdoor activity like fishing.

With the help of specialized fishing eyewear, the fisher can keep a lookout on the water and also speculate the presence of any fish, giving them a favorable advantage.

Selecting the Ideal Sunglasses

Many people overlook the use of polarized sunglasses in fishing. There are many commendable brands available in the market. You should also select the perfect pair suitable for you. To get the ideal pair, you need to consider a few features like framing and the right color.

You can do a quick test to ensure that the lens is polarized. Hold the sunglasses in a horizontal position in front of a bright computer or phone screen. You will be able to see the screen through the lenses. Then rotate the glasses vertically; they will turn black if they are actually polarized.

The horizontal light waves are absorbed by the polarized lenses and only allow vertical light waves to pass through. This is why the glasses turn black when you hold them vertically in front of a bright screen. With the right pair of shades, you get to make the most of your fishing trip.

Gray Lenses

They are very versatile, and some also consider them to be the best choice. They offer superb contrast and work great in all light conditions. However, there is one drawback; they might be too dark and make it difficult to see in very low light.

Gray polarized glasses are your safest choice as they provide exceptional natural contrast. This contrast makes the transition smooth and easier. No wonder they are so popular.

Yellow Lenses

Some brands denote this color as sunrise. They are most suitable for fishing in the late afternoon and early morning. Amongst all the available colors of polarized sunglasses, the yellow lens allows the most light to pass through.

Their brightness and the fact that they allow more sunlight in than any other color besides clear lenses make them ideal for driving a boat in low light. They work well in situations where many would choose not to wear glasses at all. They are perfect for overcast conditions.

Blue Mirror

The blue mirror lens is absolutely perfect for anglers who prefer fishing under the bright sun. Many fishers who like saltwater fishing offshore heavily rely on the blocking of the light that this lens provides.  They eliminate the majority of the lightwaves and allow transmission.

They provide the best protection from the unforgiving sun for long periods. They efficiently cut the glare from the seawater and eliminate the harsh rays of the sun. They are an excellent choice for summers and in places that are more exposed to the sun.