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First Major “Smart Toys” Data Leak Affects 2 Million Children (Video)


Innovative technologies are not just created for adults, everyone is able to get in on the fun. Children aren’t limited to hopscotch and marbles for entertainment anymore. Nowadays, kids can play learning games on the family tablet, video game apps and even take a drone helicopter out for a flight.

For the younger children, you might want to stick with simpler toys, like an internet connected stuffed animal. But are these Internet-of-Things (IoT) toys safe? Unfortunately, not all of them are.

It’s happened just as predicted: A major internet connected children’s toy has leaked the collected voices, email addresses and passwords of more than 2 million children and parents. And the manufacturer is hoping that no one will find out.

What data has been exposed?

What we’re talking about is an innocent looking teddy bear made by a California company called Spiral Toys. The impacted toys are a part of the company’s CloudPets line. The company has known about the data breach for two months but has yet to notify any of the affected families.

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