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Excel Capital Expands with New Branch In Miami Beach

Excel Capital was established in 2013 with the goal of providing small businesses with the working capital that they require to grow their businesses. Since their inception, the company has grown significantly and just announced its ongoing expansion means it will open a new branch offering small business loans in Florida. The new branch will be located on Miami Beach, at 350 Lincoln Road. The headquarters remains in New York, the heart of finance.

Excel Capital – An Overview

expansionExcel Capital is unique in that it focuses solely on the core business performance of an applicant, rather than the traditional elements of credit scores and risk evaluations. This unique approach empowers businesses of all sizes to pursue funding and grow the business that they believe in.

The approach has worked incredibly well over the last five years. In fact, after just three years, the company had facilitated over 5000 client transactions totaling more than $250 million in funding. This funding helps small businesses to hire new employees, continue the day-to-day business, purchase inventory, or expand their company further.

Essentially, Excel Capital helps to strengthen businesses and contribute to a stronger and more vibrant economy. This is achieved thanks to the guiding hand of respected experts who use their experiences to help small businesses tackle obstacles and grow larger.

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Consistent Growth

Over the years, the company has been very clear about where it is heading in the future. The goal has always been for the company to improve its product offerings while helping more and more small businesses. This is being achieved through partnerships with industry leaders and keen use of the latest technology.

A Talented Team

The expert team that makes up Excel Capital is unparalleled. Management is composed of a group of diverse experts with experience in finance, business management, telecommunications, sales, publishing, and executive recruiting.

Together, this team helps to guide smaller businesses and drive value. There is a lot of cohesion among the team and a sense of common purpose, which is instrumental to ensuring the sustained growth of the company.

A Promise

The best companies are those which have a strong and clear guiding vision. Excel Capital is no different: the company is driven by its promise to provide merchants with an effective and trustworthy way of securing the working capital that they need.

This promise was made because the company understands that the financial difficulties and problems faced by business are often random. It is unfair that businesses are penalized for having no credit or less-than-perfect credit. Excel Capital vows to make the process as simple and painless as possible to help businesses secure the funding they need as quickly as possible.

A Simple Process

Many small businesses are often intimidated by the prospect of securing funding.  In order to remedy this, Excel Capital makes the process incredibly simple: applicants have to complete just one application and if they are successful, the approval time and funds transfer is quickly performed. Businesses will also find that there are a wealth of attractive rates and repayment options available to them too, helping them to grow their business sustainably and without fear.

The expansion into Florida represents another exciting opportunity for many small businesses and Excel Capital is thrilled to serve them.