Editorial Desk Notes – Joey Reynolds Revealed

By Terri Lynn, SouthFloridaReporter.com, Managing Editor, September 4,  2015 —Hiya! Hiya!….Let me tell you a few things about Joey Reynolds:

Joey is a legend.

He started “Shock Jock” radio.

He made the “Four Seasons” famous.

He is a true friend with a heart of gold.

He knows everyone!

Joey is not a name dropper for the sake of “dropping names.” When he mentions someone, someone very famous, (fill in the blank) he really does know them and has solid friendships with them.

Back in the day, before cell phones, people used the phrase “Golden Rolodex” when a person knew how to reach just about everyone.  What I would do now just to get my hands on Joey’s “Golden iPhone.”

I first met Joey when he was the morning drive host on 103.5 WSHE “She’s Only Rock ‘n Roll.” The station owner hired me to publicize him. Some of my best PR memories were created working side by side with him.

We had a blast!  I arranged for Joey to do his radio show live from Judge Shutter’s traffic court, had him making Buffalo wings all over town and invited TV stations in the studio with him to spend the morning. One day a listener showed up at 6:30 a.m. and wanted to give Joey some jokes to use on his show. We had him audition via the security camera that was at the front door and watched it on the monitor inside the studio.  All this while NBC 6 was taping.

What was so wonderful about working with Joey was the trust and respect we had for each other. I was hard on him and he understood why. From time to time we butted heads. I always won. He knew I had his best interests at heart.

Well, years have passed and here we are once again collaborating and making magic together. When I come across  something interesting or outrageous, I share it with him. I have no idea what his take will be but I know how he ticks and usually my suggestion is a good launching pad for one of his Reynolds Raps.

Today, September 4,  marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of comedienne, Joan Rivers.  Joey knew Joan Rivers. In fact, she recorded his “I can’t come to the phone right now message” on his iPhone. Joan even taped a commercial for him when he was selling his famous cheesecake at Bloomingdale’s.

When the New York media was covering her death, they interviewed Joey and his iPhone.

I gently reminded Joey that it’s been one year since Joan has been gone. Here is his latest Reynolds Rap…and a commercial Joey & Joan did.


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