Drones in the Construction Industry (Video)

Construction site (Fulldrone)

Construction has always been a tough industry to be involved in, from the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the sleek, modern homes of tomorrow. But though technology has come a long way, plenty of the same old problems are still getting in the way and slowing projects down.

Across the construction industry, no matter what the project, you’ll need to put in plenty of legwork in as you try to manage and document progress, inspect new structures, and keep an eye the tiny details that can lead to big mistakes. Construction projects are complex, time-consuming and require plenty of resources and skills. Mistakes cost money.

With that in mind, it’s no real surprise that construction bosses are beginning to embrace drone technology as a way to cut costs and increase efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the innovations available to those with an eye in the sky…

Pre-Construction: Land Surveying

Before many construction projects have even started, methodical planning has to take place, involving architects, local authorities and engineers. The latest drone software can take a pre-designed flight plan, perform it perfectly, and use the data gathered to build a 3D map of the area.

This image can then be used as part of the planning process, providing the foundation for the work of others. A land survey will need to be done, so why not use a drone and some smart software, instead of an expensive ground team?

Progress Monitoring

It’s not only at the start of a project that drones can come in handy. Many construction companies rely on regular flight footage to keep an eye on project progress and see how things are going. But again, smarter software is taking drone progress monitoring to an even higher level. Companies such as Kespry can provide stockpile measuring services, meaning the quantity of supplies can be constantly monitored, cutting a job that could take days down to a matter of minutes.

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