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Does Weed Expire? Here’s the Lowdown on Storing Marijuana

Does marijuana expire? Many people believe it doesn’t. They will continue to use their weed decades after purchase, in the misguided belief that pot never goes bad. This is wrong. Weed absolutely does expire. Even when you keep marijuana in the proper conditions, it has a shelf life.

Experts believe that weed lasts for around one or two years – if it is stored correctly. If you don’t keep your pot in the right conditions, you risk a moldy supply that could seriously affect your health.

Here are the factors that affect how long weed lasts.

Humidity Affects Marijuana

So, the answer to the question does weed expire is a resounding yes. But when weed expires it differs depending on how it is stored. When storing marijuana, you need to watch out for excess humidity. A humid environment encourages mold spore growth. Mold spores can be toxic and they grow more quickly in humid conditions. Control the humidity of the place where you store your weed. You don’t have to go to extremes, but if you live in a particularly humid climate a dehumidifier can be useful.

Light Is Destructive for Cannabis

Exposing your cannabis to the sun can cause it to expire much more quickly. The cannabinoids in the remedy degrade more quickly when exposed to UV light. Store your medical marijuana in a dark-colored jar to protect this delicate substance from the effects of light.

Temperature Affects Marijuana Expiration Dates

Hot temperatures break down the cannabinoids in medical marijuana. This causes a rapid decline in the substance’s qualities. You should ideally keep your weed in temperatures between 20 to 30 degrees C. It is vital that your grass doesn’t get too cold, either.

Avoid Exposure to Air to Prolong the Life of Your Weed

Weed storage does not necessarily have to be completely airtight, but too much air will rapidly degrade the qualities of the pot. A jar with a tight seal is ideal for storing your marijuana so that you can prolong its life.

More Marijuana Storage Tips

Make sure that your cannabis is cured. If your weed is still wet when you buy it, dry it for a few days before placing in its container. Keep your cannabis in a glass jar or box. A dark-colored glass is ideal. Keep the glass away from direct sunlight and in a place that does not experience extremes of temperature. Extremes of temperature are a problem for pot as they cause the delicate compounds in the cannabis to break down more easily. And make sure that you do not handle marijuana more than is necessary. Keeping your pot safe and sound within its container until you use it will prolong its shelf life.