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Ditch The Himalayas – Here’s A List of Best 6 Treks In South India

Nilgiri Mountain

If you’re bored of the Himalayas and wish to try something new, these are the best places in South India to consider for a trekking adventure. 

The long southern coastline covering multiple states offers some of the best places to trek and hike in the country. It is a paradise for travelers seeking picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and tea plantations. You won’t find snow-capped mountains in the southern part of the country, but the natural scenic beauty makes it totally worth the effort. 

At times, you may come across regions where the path is not well marked or almost vertical. Make sure you pack a pair of comfortable and durable Vertx Pants to help you survive the day. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best places to trek in Southern India: 

Nilgiri – The Nilgiri consists of hills and forest area, making it the most popular trekking place in South India. A part of the western ghats, the Nilgris fill the travelers with an unmatched level of excitement. The trek starts from Ooty, and you gradually move into the wilderness of Kotagiri and eventually ends at Coonoor – the whole route includes passing through various high altitude regions and exploring the forest beauty including tea plantations and orange farms covered by a thick layer of pine trees.

Kudremukh – Missing the Himalayas? Head to the Himalayas of the South – Kudremukh. The peak is full of greenery and scenic beauty, offering the visitors a complete package of astonishing views, coffee plantations, and waterfalls. The trek is straightforward, but there’s a catch. To protect the beauty of the place, the forest department permits only 50 people daily (first come first serve) for the trek – you might want to start your day early to enter the forest. 

Chembra – Another popular tourist destination, Chembra trek in Kerala lies very close to the Nilgiris but is comparatively easier. You need permission from the forest department to enter the region, which can be managed easily. The trek is almost 14 km long, but the main attraction of the region lies en route – a heart-shaped lake. It depends upon you if you want to head back or complete the whole journey. 

Please Note: Avoid this trek during the monsoons; it rains a lot in the southern part of India and the risk of mishappenings increases. 

 Nagalapuram Hills – Looking for something for a real traveler? Why not head to this two-day trek to the Nagalapuram Hills? Located exactly opposite to the western ghats, Nagalapuram Hills at the eastern ghats will offer the challenge most of the travelers are looking for. The complete trek will take approximately two days, and you’ll need to carry everything with you – along with a tent. Not many people go there, so it’s best to take a guide along for better navigation and safety. 

Meesapulimala – Another challenging trek in South India is Meesapulimala located at the height of 2,640 meters. It is a 15 km long journey that will take around 8-10 hours. You need special permission from the forest department, but the view you get after all the hard work is worth it. Do not forget to carry a tent as you’ll need to camp there at night and return in the morning. If you do not wish to stay there, better start your day early so that you can return before the sun sets. 

Perumal – Travelling to India with family? Head to the Perumal peak (near Kodaikanal) for a relaxed day with your family where you can spend quality time with your family, have some snacks, explore the natural beauty, and head back to the town of Kodaikanal.