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Why Disney Is Increasing Ticket Prices

(Image: Disney)

The happiest place on Earth just got a little unhappier—for whoever’s paying, at least.

Walt Disney has increased admission prices for its theme parks across the U.S.

With a three-tier structure that modifies fees based on number of visitors, the cost increase will vary from park to park. Peak period one-day tickets for Disneyland in Anaheim will increase the most, rising from $124 per person to $135—a 9% increase.

The regular one-day ticket to Disneyland will rise from $110 to $117, while the value ticket will remain constant at $97.

At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, ticket prices will increase across each tier: regular tickets have gone up, from $115 to $119, peak tickets will rise from $124 to $129, and value tickets inch up from $107 to $109. Parking prices and annual passes will also see a price increase.

Fortune, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 12, 2018